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Beeswax Candles

Preserve the interiors of your church and illuminate it with the honey tinged fragrance of 100% natural beeswax candles for Orthodox Church. Istok Church Supplies carries a wide assortment of finest quality beeswax candles in various lengths and designs.
Devotion with Purity
Beeswax is a natural and pure substance made from combs of beehives. Traditionally, only candles made from beeswax are used for Orthodox Church liturgical activities. Respecting this tradition, our manufacturers employ purest grade honeycomb to allow for the original light golden brown color and sweet aroma of beeswax candles. Our beeswax candles for sale are free from added coloring, bleaching and paraffin, hence they burn evenly, slowly and cleanly without producing smoke or dripping excessively. 
Protect Church Interiors
Commercial candles contain paraffin which is a byproduct of petroleum. Paraffin candles leave residues and emanate black soot which can harm mural icons, frescos, paintings and furnishings if used inside Orthodox Churches. Our beeswax candles for Orthodox Churches are 100% paraffin free and are highly recommended for churches with quality interiors. The candles we offer are slender but provide illumination for a considerable period of time. We use high quality linen wicks for our candles so they burn steadily for a long time. 
Many Designs to Choose From
For churches interested in bulk supplies, we offer these items in sets at discounted prices to make devotion even more cost effective. Sizes of these candles range from four inches all the way up to 22 inches (Bishop Candles). Apart from individual candles with various designs such as Damask, Jerusalem, Russian, Bee and Taper to name a few, we offer beeswax candles for different purposes such as wedding candles and more. Each and every beeswax candle comes with our guarantee of purity and quality. We take pride in being reputed for providing the finest, purest quality beeswax candles available on the internet. 


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100% Pure beeswax 12-inch candles #8 100% Pure beeswax 22-inch Bishop candle set Processional Deacon's candle
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