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Blessing crosses

Istok offers one of the largest selections of Christian blessing crosses, ranging from the simple items to the most exquisite hand-made jewelry blessing crosses.

Presenting Orthodox Blessing Crosses from Istok
Blessing crosses are visibly ornate, beautifully patterned, depicting the form of the Christ and used by Orthodox Bishop or Priests to bless or guide the worshipper. The hand cross is usually used at the end of a service or during church processions. They are studded with precious stones or painted icons and are placed on the altar. At Istok Church Supplies you will find countless varieties and designs of the blessing cross. 
The Purpose of the Orthodox Blessing Cross
The hand held cross carries forward a long established tradition and has been seen in the hands of clergies when depicted on various works of art. Some hand-made blessing crosses and other smaller palm crosses have even been given as souvenirs to visitors in different parts of the world. There are various applications of this symbolical alter item. It is used to bless the congregation after the service, bless the Holy water by dipping it in and to make the sign of the cross. Priests use them to bless the faithful followers as well as the gathered crowd during church processions.
What Istok Offers
Istok has a number of different blessing crosses for sale as well as the Analogion Blessed Cross. The blessing cross can be easily held in the palm as they come with very convenient separators that allow the cross to be handled. We also have a large number of processional Orthodox blessing crosses made of brass and ornately covered with designs and icons. Our smaller wooden crosses can be easily held by children during long processions without causing any undue stress. Even these simpler designs intricately depict the Holy image on them. Choose from Istok to get some of the best deals available online, especially on bulk orders.


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Blessing cross no.4a Jewelry blessing cross - 11
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