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Service Items

Orthodox Christian church service items characterize the mood reflect the style of worship practiced by the church. At Istok Church Supplies, you can find a huge variety of these items in myriad designs and styles so you can carry out services as per your vision and deepen the spiritual experience of your congregation.
In Aid of Orthodox Churches
The typical weekly schedule of an Orthodox Church includes a service almost every day of the week.  In addition to these, there are weekend services such as the Great Vespers and Divine Liturgy and special services held on important feasts days and occasions throughout the liturgical year. From liturgical spears and anointment brushes to Deacon’s procession candles and communion chalices, you can conveniently shop for church service items at Istok Church Supplies. 
Hundreds of Products
The Liturgy of Preparation, also called Prosthesis or Proskomidea has huge symbolism in Orthodox Christian faith. We supply everything including Proshphora seals, Liturgical Spear and Proskomedian plate made from high quality materials. Choose from Liturgical Spears made from brass and titanium oxide or those made from premium stainless steel.  We also offer a wide variety of communion supplies including communion ladles, communion spoons and top quality communion chalices in a variety of designs. Our portable communion chalice made from brass and nickel and travel communion kit are ideal for use while visiting the sick and infirm. 
Service Items for Special Occasions
We offer complete baptismal sets including hand-carved designs made from quality oak wood. Customers can also find portable tabernacles, traditional donation boxes and brass donation plates with gold gilding and engraving in our collection. Whether you’re looking for a traditional incense box, Maltese cross support, Holy Chrism vessel, vessel for Holy Particles, beautiful brass candle boxes, Unction Plate or Holy Water cup, you will find them with the best designs and most affordable prices at our specialist online store. 
We are renowned the world over for our Orthodox Christian church service items in traditional designs and styles. Shop with us and your satisfaction is guaranteed!
Liturgical Spears (33)

Liturgical Fans (16)

Holy Water Sprinklers (14)

Zeons Pitchers (27)

Vigil Lytia Plates (16)

Reliquaries and Jewelry Boxes (85)

Bishop Eagles (7)

Baptism Boxes (14)

Anointing Brushes (16)

Holy Oil Vessels (11)

Communion Sets (19)

Church Vessels (40)


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Tabernacle (portable) - no.5b Unction plate - 1 Processional Paschal lamp - 4
SKU: SI-214-0074
SKU: SI-027-0122
SKU: SI-023-0051
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Our price: US$398.25 (CAD$537.64)
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Our price: US$398.75 (CAD$538.31)
Market price: US$531.29 , save 25%

Our price: US$399.99 (CAD$539.99)
Market price: US$500.00 , save 20%

Paschal lamp - 7 Paschal lamp no.2 Altar washstand
SKU: SI-135-0034
SKU: SI-141-0042
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Our price: US$409.29 (CAD$552.54)
Market price: US$499.33 , save 18%

Our price: US$438.86 (CAD$592.46)
Market price: US$535.41 , save 18%

Our price: US$475.99 (CAD$642.59)
Market price: US$630.00 , save 24%

Primikirion candle stand - 3 Cross support Primikirion candle stand - 2
SKU: SI-056-0003
SKU: SI-319-0016
SKU: SI-057-0006
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Our price: US$482.25 (CAD$651.04)
Market price: US$771.60 , save 38%

Our price: US$483.00 (CAD$652.05)
Market price: US$589.26 , save 18%

Our price: US$496.30 (CAD$670.01)
Market price: US$794.07 , save 37%

Processional lamp - 1 Jewelry prosphora tray - 2 Unction plate - 2
SKU: SI-049-0036
SKU: SI-196-0442
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Our price: US$498.00 (CAD$672.30)

Our price: US$499.99 (CAD$674.99)
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Our price: US$525.93 (CAD$710.01)
Market price: US$531.29 , save 1%

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