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Istok Church Supplies offers excellent vestment decorative buttons: church buttons, decorative buttons, metal buttons, gold buttons, silver buttons, ancient buttons and plastic buttons.

 Presenting Church Vestment Liturgical Buttons from Istok
Just as it is the small things that make up the bigger picture, the accessories used to create the final product make it memorable, dramatic and stunning. Church vestments are garments clearly ordained by the religious order like a priest, deacon or others. Here too, the accessories chosen play a vital role to complete the garment in all respects. The sort of church vestment liturgical buttons that are picked up can emphasize the allure of the completed vestment as well as the ceremony for which it has been worn.
The Purpose of Church Vestment Liturgical Buttons
Just like an embroidered cross on a stole or sash looks dramatically appealing so does a small button that provides closure where it is needed most. Church vestment liturgical buttons are used in a precise manner, down to the number of buttons chosen for particular garments like the cassock, Epitrachelion and the Sakkos. Metal buttons help tighten the stoles across the shoulder and to fasten the vestments down the back or front. For this reason Istok Church Supplies offers them in bulk and also in simpler as well as the more decorative styles.
What Istok Offers
Here at Istok we present a wide variety of vestment decoration buttons in beautiful round, semi-sphere and strazy styles. You will find ornately designed ancient gold buttons or vestment bells made to look as silver buttons. Many of these are intricately created to match a particular church vestment of spectacular patterns. When you choose such vestments from Istok you will find similar patterned buttons along the same lines which enhance the effect of the garment in its complete form. Pick up the buttons along with the garments you order and you will have a complete church vestment delivered to your doorstep.


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Button - 1 Button Cross Button - 3
SKU: VI-049
SKU: VI-054-GO
SKU: VI-048
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Button Semi-sphere Button - 2 Button - 4
SKU: VI-053
SKU: VI-050
SKU: VI-047
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Vestment button Lily Button Shell Vestment button - 5
SKU: VI-062
SKU: VI-052
SKU: VI-061
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Bishop vestment bells Jewelry vestment button - 10 Jewelry vestment button - 4
SKU: VI-060
SKU: VIA-0197L
SKU: VIA-0196L
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