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Deacon Vestments (Yellow-Gold)

At Istok Church Supplies, we make quality religious vestments created to your exact measurements. With our wide range of Deacon Vestments (yellow-gold), it is now possible for you to have a resplendent vestment that suits your style of worship and budget. 
Carry Out Deacon Duties in Style
Our Deacon vestments (yellow-gold) are a glorious sight to behold, guaranteed to invoke the Grace of the Holy Spirit and draw the attention of onlookers. A Deacon’s vestment, considered to be a garment of Salvation and Joy, consists of a sticharion (robe), orarion (stole) and epimanika (cuffs) – our sets include all three items so patrons don’t have to search for these items individually. These garments are made from sumptuous ecclesiastical fabrics like rayon brocades, metallic brocades, natural German velvet and embroidered material with attractive patterns. Natural rayon lining is provided for optimized wear and longevity. 
Adorn Your Vestment
We aim to cater to the requirements of all Orthodox Christian churches, hence we offer a choice of orarion styles - single, double, Greek style and Protodeacon. Customers can upgrade orders by opting for additional natural velvet inserts and premium decorations. While standard decorations include simple crosses and trimmings, upgraded decorations are of two types – premier and luxury. For premier type, you will receive embroidered crosses and high quality galloons whereas for luxury type, you will receive exquisite hand-embroidered crosses and solid jacquard galloons. 
Custom-Sized Vestments
In order to ensure the perfect fit, we offer bespoke stitching services. Customers can send in their correct measurements by referring to our Measurement Chart and our deft ecclesiastical tailors in Europe will hand-craft each order with meticulous attention to detail. We require a few short weeks to execute each individual order – we request customers to send in their orders early in case they need the vestment in time for an important church service. We provide express delivery services and ship to most parts of the world.
Uphold age-old Orthodox Christian traditions and teachings by investing in one of our splendid Deacon vestments (yellow-gold)!


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Embroidered Deacon vestments - Iris (yellow-gold)

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