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Are you looking for authentic and high quality Orthodox Christian church supplies? It may be difficult to find a single reliable supplier for all your requirements in your local area but you can find everything you need at specialist online stores dedicated to serving Orthodox Christian churches and communities. 
Everything under One Roof
The Orthodox Christian faith has history and traditions dating back to the time of the Apostles. A lot of emphasis is laid to upholding purity by maintaining correct forms of worship. When someone walks into an Orthodox Church, they are instantly impressed by the beautiful interiors and furnishings that play a key role in creating an atmosphere for prayer and worship. For these reason, it’s very important for Orthodox churches to choose appropriate, high quality church supplies. Online stores such as Canada based Istok Church Supplies offers an exhaustive range of items ranging from unframed embroideries, candle holders, intricately carved church lecterns and jewelry reliquaries with gold gildings to monastic belts with prayers, Epitaphios, church banners, blessing crosses, prosphora bags and vessels for pre-sanctified goods in beautiful and exquisite designs. 
Bespoke Liturgical Vestments
Istok church supplies company is renowned for high quality, made to measure vestments. Istok Church Supplies is the go to supplier for varied vestments such as Bishop’s vestments, sub-deacon’s vestments, deacon’s vestments, Russian Priest vestments, Greek Priest vestments, clergy sticharions, altar server sticharions, Priest’s mitre and lots more. Customers can choose from beautiful ecclesiastical fabrics such as metallic brocade, rayon brocade and natural German velvet and liturgical color combinations suitable for particular seasons of the worship calendar year. Istok has its own manufacturing unit in Europe and its expert tailors construct custom vestments with high quality workmanship and details. 
Non-liturgical Apparel
At Istok’s church goods online store, customers can purchase various types of headgear such as Russian klobuk, Russian kamilavka, nun’s summer skufias, and comfortable winter skufias. Istok aims to serve various communities prescribing to the Orthodox Christian faith and hence you’ll find articles in many distinct styles as worn by particular communities. Istok also provides simple, durable garments such as tunics, undercassocks for monks and nuns. Their range of products continue to expand and customers keep coming back for unique items such as embroidered icons made with original German madeira threads, resplendent Holy Table covers and richly embroidered chalice covers that protect vessels holding water and wine before they are used during Eucharist. 
Products at Unbeatable Prices
Istok Church Supplies tries to keep its prices low to make products more accessible to Orthodox Christian communities and churches. Customers will find that their products are suitable for a wide range of budgets and taste preferences. Customers can go through Istok’s discounted church supplies catalog to find products at amazing prices that are considerably lower than what’s found in the market. Istok also announces discounts for special occasions and customers can check special offers to make further cost savings. Since no other taxes are applicable, customers stand to gain from genuine discounts and fantastic bargains no matter where they are in the world. 
Preserve your heritage and propogate your faith with authentic and high quality church supplies. Visit Istok Church Supplies’ user friendly website and start exploring!


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The word of the Lord endures forever Vologda cross vestment set Zvenigorod cross vestment set
SKU: EM-C8837
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Our price: US$53.00 (CAD$71.55)
Market price: US$68.90 , save 23%

Our price: US$53.08 (CAD$71.66)

Our price: US$53.51 (CAD$72.24)
Market price: US$144.00 , save 63%

Clergy vest, 36-37" (46-48) Vintage Ecclesiastical Design 819 Embroidered icon - Venerable Seraphim of Sarov
SKU: EM-5047
SKU: EM-O-047
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Our price: US$53.99 (CAD$72.89)
Market price: US$71.97 , save 25%

Our price: US$53.99 (CAD$72.89)
Market price: US$80.00 , save 33%

Our price: US$54.35 (CAD$73.37)
Market price: US$70.66 , save 23%

Embroidered icon - St. Prince Oleg of Bryansk Vintage Ecclesiastical Design 698 embroidered applique Lilies of the field (Mt. 6:30)
SKU: EM-O-052
SKU: EM-4977
SKU: EM-C8835
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Our price: US$54.88 (CAD$74.09)
Market price: US$71.34 , save 23%

Our price: US$54.99 (CAD$74.24)
Market price: US$80.00 , save 31%

Our price: US$55.00 (CAD$74.25)
Market price: US$71.50 , save 23%

Lord Is My Rock Banner The flowers appear on the earth… Embroidered icon - Holy hierarch Demetrius, Metropolitan of Rostov
SKU: EM-X2046--BL--SM
SKU: EM-C8839
SKU: EM-O-073
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Our price: US$55.00 (CAD$74.25)
Market price: US$88.01 , save 38%

Our price: US$55.00 (CAD$74.25)
Market price: US$71.50 , save 23%

Our price: US$55.35 (CAD$74.72)
Market price: US$71.96 , save 23%

  • Products 133 to 144 of 2126  per page
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