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Jewelry Icons

One characteristic which distinguishes the Eastern Orthodox Church from other denominations is the use of religious icons or holy images as part of the liturgy. Icons have played a major part in the earliest rituals of the Christian Church, and remnants have been found in ancient tombs, grave sites, and excavated churches.
Colourful Paintings
Religious icons come in different sizes and shapes and often contain paintings of Jesus Christ, the Most Holy Theotokos, different Saints, and guardian Angels and Archangels done in very appealing colours. These religious icons are venerated during prayers and occasionally taken out in processions, especially if it is a particular Saint’s commemorative day. One of the biggest suppliers of icons is Istok Church Supplies in Canada who has a wide range of Orthodox jewelry icons for sale. Besides jewelry icons, they also have embroidered and hand-painted icons on offer.
Precious Stones
Typically, Eastern Orthodox icons have a distinctive painting style which is done on a wood base medium; however, there are ones done in metal and embroidered ones typical of the Byzantine style. Some of the more expensive ones are the Orthodox Church jewelry icons which are usually hand-made using traditional methods and framed in precious stones and metals. Prices for these icons could go up to US$2000 or more. Istok Church Supplies has been supplying icons to Orthodox churches all over the world.
Heavy Significance
In the Eastern Orthodox Churches, church jewelry icons and other kinds of icons have a liturgical function because they are a part of the worship, similar to music and hymns used in other denominations. This practice has been carried down from centuries ago and has reached its culmination in the Eastern Orthodox Churches. While many Christian faiths frown upon praying to a symbol or painting, this practice of venerating holy person thorugh these ‘heavenly windows’ is fully endorsed by the Orthodox Churches.
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