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Using fringes to create a unique vestment
Decorative fringes are a great way to create a unique and rich vestment for members of your church clergy. At we have everything thing that you will ever need to make your vestments look as grand as you want. Whether it is a classic or a grand look, we have the perfect elements for you. Our liturgical fringes come in many varieties. Here’s a brief description of what we stock:
Metallic fringes
Our range of Orthodox metal fringes is available in varying thicknesses ranging from 0.8” to 2.0” These fringes are available in both gold and silver and are ideal for decorative purposes. The metal fringes are available in an assortment of designs so that you can choose one that matches your needs the best.
Semi metallic and other fringes
Other popular fringes in our collection are semi-metallic fringes, bullion fringes and beaded fringes. The semi-metallic fringes are frequently used to accessorize liturgical vestments. However they can be used to trim other church items too. Similarly, the bullion and the beaded fringes are also used to trim vestments and other church items. Choices range from gold fringes, silver fringes and copper fringes, so that you can choose the color that best suits your purpose. 
Order with ease
Just like with all our other products our fringes too are easy to order. They are sold by the meter so that you can buy exactly how much you need. Make sure you measure right though. All of our orders are sent through RPS – Russian Postal Service. The time taken for delivery will depend on whether you have selected air or ground transportation. You can get in touch with us if you have not received your shipment in 3 weeks. Please note that RPS only initiates tracking after 4 weeks for air shipments and 2 months for ground shipments. 


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Vestment trims: Fringe - 74199 Vestment trims: Fringe - 2744 Vestments fringes: Fringe - Z1091
SKU: FR-74199
SKU: FR-2744-GO
SKU: FR-Z1091
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Our price: US$1.14 (CAD$1.54)
Market price: US$1.49 , save 23%

Our price: US$1.71 (CAD$2.31)
Market price: US$2.23 , save 23%

Our price: US$2.15 (CAD$2.90)
Market price: US$2.62 , save 18%

Vestment trimming: Fringe - 1023 Vestment trims: Fringe - 1982 Vestment trimming: Fringe - 1619
SKU: FR-1023-GO
SKU: FR-1982
SKU: FR-1619-GO
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Our price: US$2.16 (CAD$2.92)
Market price: US$2.81 , save 23%

Our price: US$2.19 (CAD$2.96)
Market price: US$2.84 , save 23%

Our price: US$2.49 (CAD$3.36)
Market price: US$2.81 , save 11%

Vestment trims: Fringe - 1464 (Z583) Vestment trims: Fringe-1340 Vestment fringe - Z1510
SKU: FR-1464
SKU: FR-1340
SKU: FR-Z1510
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Our price: US$2.59 (CAD$3.50)
Market price: US$3.37 , save 23%

Our price: US$2.59 (CAD$3.50)
Market price: US$3.00 , save 14%

Our price: US$2.89 (CAD$3.90)
Market price: US$3.76 , save 23%

Vestment fringe - Z1512 Vestment trims: Fringe - 1338 Vestment trims: Fringe - 1283
SKU: FR-Z1512
SKU: FR-1338
SKU: FR-1283
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Our price: US$2.89 (CAD$3.90)
Market price: US$3.76 , save 23%

Our price: US$2.89 (CAD$3.90)
Market price: US$4.64 , save 38%

Our price: US$2.99 (CAD$4.04)
Market price: US$4.64 , save 36%

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