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My trim came today. Thank you so much.

Submitted by Linda Proe, who rated us 9/10
Apr 12, 2014

The Russian thurible arrived today. It is beautiful. Thank you! Many thanks.

Submitted by Gordon Dulieu, who rated us 9/10
Apr 11, 2014

I want to let you know that the undercassock came by Canada Post very quickly. I am very pleased with it. Thank you very much.

Submitted by John Paetkau, who rated us 10/10
Apr 7, 2014

The bishop's crozier has arrived today. It is in perfect condition and it is a stunning piece of Byzantine religious artwork. We are very content with this transaction. It is worth every cent. Thank you very much for your professionalism and patience with us all the way. We look forward to do more transactions in the future with ISTOK Enterprises. Blessings in Christ

Submitted by Father Nicolay, who rated us 10/10
Apr 3, 2014

I received order #16096 and our Deacons are so very pleased with the beauty of their new vestment sets.

Submitted by Colleen Allen, who rated us 10/10
Apr 1, 2014

THANK YOU FOR MY ORDER! I GOT IT ALLRIGHT!!! It cameon the mail yesterday! Thank you so much!

Submitted by Ricardo Letelier, who rated us 10/10
Mar 30, 2014

I received my order and am very pleased with the quality. Thank you.

Submitted by Elsie Sanchez, who rated us 10/10
Mar 28, 2014

The beautiful claret silk cassock with embroidery arrived today - splendid, an immaculate fit and a wonderful festal garment. Thank you.

Submitted by Gordon Dulieu, who rated us 10/10
Mar 28, 2014

" I recently ordered my Episcopate vestments for my consecration on Saint Thomas Sunday. They arrived today and as agreed and well before my consecration in April. The Quality of the vestments are outstanding, and the gifts of the chalice covers and vale is a wonderful. Everyone always asks where do you get your religious items and I reply Istok, their fair in pricing and on top of every order. May God's through the Holy Spirit Bless your hands and business for years to come. Alexios!

Submitted by Bishop Elect Alexios from , who rated us 10/10
Mar 25, 2014

I am very pleased with the fit and quality of the podryasnik that you made for me. Thank you!

Submitted by Subdeacon Michael Melnick, who rated us 9/10
Feb 24, 2014

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