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We received the lectern and it is beautiful...didn't know about the red velvet top - adds very sanctuary touch.

Submitted by David Hubbard, who rated us 10/10
Feb 25, 2015

I have made many orders from istok and the quality is top rate.

Submitted by Mark James Pupillo, who rated us 10/10
Feb 19, 2015

Thank you so much for the clergy vest that I ordered, it is beautifully made. It fits my husband perfectly, and he absolutely loves it!

Submitted by Kim Siemens, who rated us 10/10
Feb 11, 2015

The cassock arrived today from Russia and I am quite pleased with it. I look forward to doing business with Istok again. Thank you,

Submitted by David Egan, who rated us 10/10
Jan 15, 2015

Thank you for all of your help and constant replies to my emails. That was very helpful and I learned a few things about old solovki and St. Sergius Lavra vestments I didn't already know :) You know I definitely will be continuing my business with you for the future to come. Thank you all very much again and wishing you a blessed Nativity and Christ's blessings for a wonderful, happy, and fruitful New Year!

Submitted by Sdn. Alexander Vlachos, who rated us 10/10
Dec 29, 2014

Dear Dimas and the staff of Istok, I would like to thank you for your absolutely wonderful work on my vestment. It is exactly how I hoped it would be. Every instruction was followed with my vestment and it turned out absolutely beautiful. I wanted to especially thank Dimas for his patience, kindness, and direct oversight of my order, I know I can be a pain the neck because I want everything perfect, but the vestment absolutely is 100% perfect and to my liking.

Submitted by Sdn. Alexander Vlachos, who rated us 10/10
Dec 29, 2014

I have received the vestments and they are beautiful and fit perfectly as usual. The communion cloth is very nice and as described on your website.

Submitted by Fr. Joseph Ciarciaglino, who rated us 10/10
Sep 30, 2014

We are so thankful to God for the installation of our new altar, a milestone event in the history of our Holy Parish. Our new altar is hand carved in Russia by the premier Orthodox Christian company producing. We are thankful to Istok, of Canada, our Orthodox Liturgical company and contact that worked so diligently with us to help us order this custom built altar from Russia.

Submitted by Fr. John Kent, who rated us 10/10
Aug 18, 2014

I received the Karona cloth; magnificent, and thank you.

Submitted by Fr. Jerry Brown, who rated us 10/10
Jul 30, 2014

Thank you for the amazing vestment sets! I will be ordering more soon, I am very happy with your work. It is so good to have cuffs that fit me perfectly.

Submitted by Fr Deacon Edward, who rated us 10/10
Jul 3, 2014

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