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Average Rating - 9.8 / 10
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Dear Istok. I received the deacon’s vestments late last evening and they turned out to be very beautiful and fit well. Thank you for your patience and for following up on this order.

Submitted by Mio Lazarevich, who rated us 10/10
Jan 12, 2017

Dear Istok. The icon shelf arrived yesterday. Thank you. I am very pleased with the shelf. Thank you so much.

Submitted by Gabriel Wagner, who rated us 10/10
Jan 10, 2017

Dear friends at Istok. The cassock arrived today. It is a perfect fit and looks great. Thanks again and best greetings,

Submitted by Jens Bargmann, who rated us 10/10
Jan 9, 2017

I just recieved my vestments that I ordered from you last month. I couldn't be happier with the way they turned out! I had very exact specifications and you met all of them! They are stunning and I was thrilled to be able to serve in them this Sunday! Keep up the incredible work as we continue to pray for your ministry!

Submitted by Subdeacon Matthew Shportun, who rated us 10/10
Nov 23, 2016

Dear Istok, I really appreciate the excellent customer service. Thank you again.

Submitted by Priest Paul Abernathy, who rated us 10/10
Oct 13, 2016

I have been very happy with the Istok's service and the range of products especially the materials. Will be revisiting site when the next request comes from the Church ladies 's Committee. Over Easter, we were all admiring the beautiful work on the white priest's vestment that was ordered a while ago but only worn this Easter. The work is of such high standard. Thank you again.

Submitted by Nadejda Vladimiroff, who rated us 10/10
Aug 25, 2016

I ordered from Istok brass plates for the Gospel cover with silver plating. The workmanship and quality are excellent. Thank you for filling the order.

Submitted by Fr. Vasily Lickwar, who rated us 10/10
Aug 12, 2016

Thank you for making and sending the vestments, which I received yesterday. The colours and style are beautiful, and the vestments have been expertly made. Thank you very much. May God bless you and the work that you do to his Glory.

Submitted by Philip Economou, who rated us 10/10
Aug 8, 2016

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my order. You have more than met my expectations for these vestments! Awesome job!

Submitted by Rev. Fr. John F. Reutemann from Chaplain, Capt, United States Air Force, who rated us 10/10
Aug 3, 2016

I received the two shirts and I am very grateful. Thank you very much. Warmly,

Submitted by Aleksandr Volkonsky, who rated us 10/10
Jul 25, 2016

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