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Vigil lamp corbels

Adorn Church Walls with Istok Church Supplies’ Corbels for Vigil Lamps
With their rich color schemes, distinctive iconography and ornate artifacts, the interiors of an Orthodox Christian symbolize respect and veneration for God and all of His creation. Even small items like the corbels for Orthodox vigil lamps have majestic designs that engage the eye. Istok Church Supplies has a wide range of outstanding corbels for vigil lamps in traditional designs that would be easy to incorporate in any Orthodox Christian church interior scheme.
Corbels that Combine Functionality and Aesthetics
It was Christ who said, “I am the light of the world.” The light of a vigil lamp reminds us of the fact that Christ illuminates our soul. It also symbolizes the radiance of the patron saint before whom the vigil lamp is lit. Corbels have dual purposes – they are both functional and artistic in nature. They are specifically crafted to provide support for vigil lamps while adding to the rich embellishments on walls. They also provide a warm and pious ambience to the interiors of an Orthodox Christian church. 
 From simple and graceful designs with classic lines to more richly carved, elaborate designs, Istok Church Supplies offers a sublime collection of corbels for Orthodox vigil lamps to choose from. All our items in this category emulate classic designs and combine antique style with functionality. 
Superior Quality Corbels for Reasonable Prices
The material used for our corbels is high quality brass which is handcrafted by superior master craftsmen to provide precise and stunning details. Gold gilding adds to the richness and opulence of these designs. Whether you are looking a corbel with glass holder, corbel with a cross, corbel with vine design or a corbel with tulip design, you can browse through our catalogue to discover an item that fits your budget, requirements and aesthetic sensibilities. Our corbels for vigil lamps come in ready to use condition and include accessories for wall mounting. 


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Corbel with cross Corbel Tulip Corbel
SKU: VL-061-Z1
SKU: VL-062-Z
SKU: VL-057
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Our price: US$37.50 (CAD$50.63)
Market price: US$48.38 , save 22%

Our price: US$42.50 (CAD$57.38)
Market price: US$54.83 , save 22%

Our price: US$42.79 (CAD$57.77)
Market price: US$79.66 , save 46%

Corbel Vine Corbel for vigil lamp - 12 Corbel no.1
SKU: VL-065-Z
SKU: VL-101-0001
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Our price: US$43.75 (CAD$59.06)
Market price: US$56.44 , save 22%

Our price: US$43.99 (CAD$59.39)
Market price: US$60.00 , save 27%

Our price: US$46.99 (CAD$63.44)
Market price: US$75.18 , save 37%

Vigil lamps: Oil lamp corbel no.1 Corbel with glass holder Corbel no.4
SKU: VL-279-0004
SKU: VL-063-Z
SKU: VL-091-0048
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Our price: US$47.82 (CAD$64.56)
Market price: US$58.34 , save 18%

Our price: US$62.50 (CAD$84.38)
Market price: US$80.63 , save 22%

Our price: US$71.04 (CAD$95.90)
Market price: US$86.66 , save 18%

Corbel no.5 Corbel for vigil lamp - 13 Corbel for kandili
SKU: VL-090-0049
SKU: VL-194-0069
SKU: VL-064-Z
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Our price: US$85.91 (CAD$115.98)
Market price: US$104.82 , save 18%

Our price: US$175.99 (CAD$237.59)
Market price: US$240.00 , save 27%

Our price: US$178.57 (CAD$241.07)
Market price: US$230.36 , save 22%

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