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Child Sticharions (Green-Gold)

A child sticharion in green and gold combination is ideally suited for solemn occasions such as Pentecost and its feast, feasts of Angels and Holy Prophets and for Palm Sunday. Istok Church Supplies carries this item in rayon or metallic jacquard brocade options with many intricate patterns and motifs. 
Green: Symbol of Hope
The color green signifies hope and life emanating by the Holy Spirit. A green colored liturgical vestment gives hope of sharing an eternal Life with God in Heaven and awakens a sense of sacredness in onlookers. Our child sticharions in green and gold combination have a rich appearance and convey an altar server’s purity. They are made from beautiful ecclesiastical brocade fabrics with metallic or rayon threads running through them to form intricate patterns. They are decorated with crosses and motifs that hold significance in the Orthodox Christian faith.
Designs for All Budget
The child sticharions we provide are made by devoted craftsmen in Europe who understand and respect the Orthodox Christian canons laid down for these vestments. We offer these items with three different types of decorations – standard, premium and luxury. Standard decorations include inexpensive but good quality galloon trimmings and simple, plain crosses – these are designed for patrons looking for a budget friendly option. Premium decorations include solid galloon and machine embroidered crosses. Luxury decorations are the ultimate in style and function as they come with rich, hand embroidered crosses and solid jacquard galloons. 
Upgrade Options
Prices of these items vary according to the class of brocade material used and customers can request their vestments to be tailored with specific fabrics belonging to the same class as those mentioned in featured products. Our basic design comes with closed sides but does not include inserts or lining. Customers have the option of adding velvet inserts and natural rayon lining for their orders. Customers can customize their orders by providing their individual measurements. 
We take the stress out of shopping for child sticharions – use our services to dress altar servers in fine liturgical vestments!


Child stikharion (alb) - rayon brocade S2 (green-gold) Child stikharion (alb) - rayon brocade S3 (green-gold) Child stikharion (alb) - rayon brocade S4 (green-gold)
SKU: VE-480S2-GR
SKU: VE-480S3-GR
SKU: VE-480S4-GR
Our price: US$119.99 (CAD$161.99)
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Our price: US$127.99 (CAD$172.79)
Market price: US$170.00 , save 25%

Our price: US$142.99 (CAD$193.04)
Market price: US$190.00 , save 25%

Child stikharion (alb) - metallic brocade B (green-gold) Child stikharion (alb) - metallic brocade BG1 (green-gold) Child stikharion (alb) - metallic brocade BG2 (green-gold)
SKU: VE-480B1-GR
Our price: US$154.99 (CAD$209.24)
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Child stikharion (alb) - rayon Chinese brocade (green-gold) Child stikharion (alb) - metallic brocade BG3 (green-gold) Child stikharion (alb) - metallic brocade BG4 (green-gold)
Our price: US$236.99 (CAD$319.94)
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Our price: US$299.99 (CAD$404.99)
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Our price: US$377.99 (CAD$510.29)
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