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Decorative trimmings for that special touch
Clergy vestments require a lot of elements when it comes to trimmings, besides cross sets. Fringes and decorative church liturgical vestment galloons are part of the elements that can be used. At istok.net, we stock as wide a variety of galloons as we do fringes and other items.
Variety provides for choice
If you are looking for a galloon trim, look no further as all of our metallic and semi metallic galloons come with a variety of choices. These choices are not limited to just design, but they also extend to color and width. While some of the designs are available in just gold galloons and silver galloons, other designs are available in up to 7 color combinations. Like our cords and fringes, the galloons are also sold by the meter, making it easier for you to order without wastage. If you are a first time customer and you would like to see the quality of our galloons, we have a sample kit that you can buy as well.
Order with ease
Ordering from istok.net is simple. Decide on the length of galloon that you will need, choose the design and the color and you are done. Sit back and relax and wait for it to arrive. Customers are requested to keep their timelines in minds while ordering Orthodox metal galloons from us. Depending on how soon you need your shipment, customers can choose between Russian Postal Service’s air and ground transport. Customers who have any queries can reach out to us through our contact us form and we will get back to you at the earliest. 


Vestment trims: S2781 galloon Vestment trims: Tars galloon Vestment trims: Nicea galloon
SKU: GA-S2781
SKU: GA-19
SKU: GA-22
Our price: US$2.99 (CAD$4.04)
Market price: US$4.78 , save 37%

Our price: US$6.96 (CAD$9.40)
Market price: US$10.50 , save 34%

Our price: US$7.38 (CAD$9.96)
Market price: US$11.81 , save 38%

Vestment trims: Shevron galloon Galloon samples
SKU: GA-27
SKU: VI-000
Our price: US$9.85 (CAD$13.30)
Market price: US$15.75 , save 37%

Our price: US$36.75 (CAD$49.61)
Market price: US$50.00 , save 26%