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Greek Priest Vestments (Green-Gold)

Istok Church Supplies provides high quality Greek Priest vestments in green and gold to help Greek Orthodox Priests conduct services on important occasions such as Palm Sunday, Pentecost, Holy Spirit Day as well as feasts and days celebrating monastic saints. 
Resplendent Fabric Options
Being properly outfitted in official liturgical vestments is very important because church services are witnessed by hundreds of faithful. Our Greek vestments in green and gold are made from splendid brocade fabrics such as rayon jacquard brocade and metallic jacquard brocade that reflect the majestic and otherworldly nature of the Kingdom of Heaven. We also offer designs made from Chinese rayon brocade and embroidered vestments made from good quality linen. The patterns on the fabrics range from simple and elegant to intricate and extravagant and customers are welcome to choose a design that suits their requirements. 
Customize Your Order
We offer complete Greek Priest vestment sets that contain five articles – zone, epimanika, epitralhilion, phelonion and epigonation. Sets are exclusive of podriznik that can be bought separately. Our Greek Priest vestments come with three embellishment options - standard, premium and luxury. For standard option, we provide inexpensive galloon and simple crosses. For premium option, we include high quality galloon and elaborate crosses and for luxury option, we provide solid jacquard galloon and extravagant hand embroidered crosses.  Customers can build on their orders by opting for a matching chalice cover and veil along with an embroidered icon for an additional cost. 
Canonically Correct Vestments
Our Greek Priest vestments green and gold are custom tailored by our expert tailors who follow the prescribed canons and traditions for their construction. We ensure high quality stitching so that the vestment serves its purpose for a long time to come. Customers can refer to our measurement chart and provide their accurate measurements online so we can start putting together custom vestments with the perfect fit. 
Custom vestment orders are executed at our workshop premises in Europe. We require a few weeks to process orders, hence we request customers to place their orders well in advance if they require them for a special occasion. 


Greek Priest vestment - rayon brocade S3 (green-gold) Greek Priest vestment - rayon Chinese brocade (green-gold) Greek Priest vestment - metallic brocade B (green-gold)
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