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Greek Priest Vestments (Red-Gold)

Our Greek Priest vestments red and gold are a sight to behold, guaranteed to enhance the dignity and authority of the wearer many times over. As an online store dedicated to preserving the traditions and serving the needs of Orthodox Christian communities around the world, we take great care to ensure they are designed in the prescribed form, instructions for which are handed down through the centuries. 
Powerful Color Combination
Red is a color worn by clergy for important occasions such as St. Peter and St. Paul Fast, feasts of martyrs and Elevation of the Cross. Our Greek Priest vestments red and gold are available in four fabric options – rayon jacquard brocade, rayon Chinese brocade, metallic jacquard brocade and embroidered vestments. We provide natural velvet inserts and 100% natural rayon lining for all our Greek Priest vestments to enhance their usability and comfort. 
Build Your Order
Our Greek Priest vestments in red and gold are available as complete sets. The basic items include zone, epimanika, epitralhilion, phelonion and epigonation. Customers can add a podriznik, if required, from the corresponding section. We offer customers plenty of opportunities to build on their orders. Customers can purchase matching chalice covers, veils and an embroidered icon from given list of options to enhance attire and Church service. For decoration, we provide three styles – standard, premium and luxury. No matter which type you choose, you can be sure of its quality and execution. 
Bespoke Tailoring Services
We specialize in custom liturgical vestments. When you provide us with your bespoke measurements, our skilled tailors in Europe will render perfectly fitting vestments that do not hang loosely or appear too long. These will add comfort, help Priests concentrate and give them supreme confidence as they conduct Divine Services. Each custom order is a labor of love that requires several weeks for perfect execution. We request patience and early order placement so that we can deliver them in the time frame you require.  


Greek Priest vestments - 11845 Greek Priest vestments - Apostle Tree red Greek Priest vestments - Christ on the Throne - red
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SKU: VE-500-13245-RD
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Greek Priest vestments - Christ the Archpriest - red
SKU: VE-500-13085-RD
Our price: US$538.99 (CAD$743.81)
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