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Hand-embroidered crosses

Vestment embellishments the old fashioned way
Our hand embroidered Orthodox crosses for vestments are one of our fastest moving products despite their prices. There is something very charming about hand embroidery, especially when you compare it to machine embroidery. Hand embroidered vestment cross sets are ideal when you want that extra touch of luxury added to the garment.
Endless variety
If you want your church clergy to have vestments that are clearly unique, hand embroidered Orthodox crosses are the way to go. We have over 100 designs to choose from – yes that is right 100! Each of these designs comes with the options of Deacon’s, Protodeacon’s, Epitrakhilion’s, Priest’s and a Bishops’s set. They also come in choices of 12 colors. The options are black/silver, blue/gold, blue/silver, claret/gold, green/gold, purple/gold, purple/silver, red/gold, white/gold, white/silver, black/gold and yellow/gold. With this kind of variety you can be sure that similar church vestments will not been seen in your area. 
Register as a wholesaler
In order to get maximum benefits and discounts from our website while you order embroidery cross sets for your church, do register for our wholesale membership program. This program not only gives you access to great wholesale discounts but it also gives you bonus points for every purchase that you make from us. Wholesale memberships usually take one business day to process. 
Ordering is always easy
We’ve ensured that our website is easy to navigate through so that our customers don’t waste time when they have to order a product. All you have to do is select it item you want to buy and then choose the variation, i.e. the kind of set you want, along with the quantity and the color combination. This procedure will need to be repeated for every different set that you would like to buy. Once you have selected all the items that you want you can checkout and pay for everything together. 


Hand-embroidered crosses - I-006 Hand-embroidered crosses - I-023 Hand-embroidered crosses - I-028
Our price: US$225.99 (CAD$305.09)

Our price: US$225.99 (CAD$305.09)

Our price: US$260.99 (CAD$352.34)

Hand-embroidered crosses - I-029 Hand-embroidered crosses - I-038 Hand-embroidered crosses - I-040
Our price: US$280.99 (CAD$379.34)

Our price: US$1798.99 (CAD$2428.64)

Our price: US$240.99 (CAD$325.34)

Hand-embroidered crosses - P02 Hand-embroidered crosses - P33 Hand-embroidered crosses Priest's set - I-040
SKU: VII-040sale
Our price: US$216.80 (CAD$292.68)

Our price: US$216.80 (CAD$292.68)

Our price: US$179.99 (CAD$242.99)
Market price: US$380.00 , save 53%