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Headgear forms an important part of the overall attire of Orthodox Christian clergy and monastics. It is an integral part of Orthodox traditions that conveys adherence to holy canonical regulations and facilitates actions of the Holy Spirit. Istok Church Supplies is proud to present a wide variety of Orthodox Church head dresses for sale in traditional designs and colors. 
Skufias for Sale
Soft sided, brimless skufias are awarded to professed Orthodox Church monastics and high ranking clergy as a mark of respect and honor. Istok Church Supplies carries skufias in traditional Greek, Romanian and Russian styles that are constructed from high quality materials suitable for summer and winter wear. Our creations are designed to help Orthodox Christian monks and nuns carry out their duties without any inconvenience and distractions. For clergypersons, we offer skufias in liturgical colors. 
Beautifully Embroidered Mitres
Nothing accentuates the high standing of a Bishop during important ceremonies like a richly embroidered and decorated mitre surmounted by a metallic cross. Our mitres are in the prescribed shape and are made from luxurious materials such as damask and brocade. In our collection, you’ll find designs with hand painted icons, gold threads, elaborate embroideries and lavish embellishments. Customers can customize orders by asking us for additions and design variations or choose from the given list of options. Our mitres are available in liturgical colors and we also offer decorative mitre crosses to top any designs. 
Klobuks and Kamilavkas Head Dresses
Klobuks and kamilavkas form an important part of headgear worn by nuns, monks and Bishops during church services.  We have simple black colored kamilavkas for professed monks and nuns along with purple colored kamilavkas for Bishops. Our klobuks come with veils that completely cover the kamilavka and hang down freely over the shoulder and back. We understand the importance of adhering to canonical orders and hence we ensure that every klobuk and kamilavka we present satisfies vestment requirements in every way.
We offer designs in a broad spectrum of price and sizing options so customers can find items that best fit their budget and requirements. 
Klobuks & Kamilavkas
Klobuks & Kamilavkas


Don-3 headscarf for women
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