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Holy Table Covers (Yellow-Gold)

Refresh the sacred space of the Holy Altar with a bright yellow-gold Holy Table cover. Istok Church Supplies works hard to bring you best quality, affordable Orthodox Christian church products including Holy Table covers in attractive liturgical color combinations. 
Made From Sumptuous Church Fabrics
A dazzling yellow-gold Holy Table cover is the perfect choice to draw people’s attention while upholding the sanctity of the blessed Holy Altar. We offer yellow-gold Holy Table covers made from luxurious fabrics such as rayon brocade, metallic brocade and richly embroidered material. These covers are available at different price points ranging from just over sixty dollars to under a thousand dollars and customers have complete freedom to select as per their budget and church requirements. 
Feature Traditional Christian Themes
We take care to offer Christian themed patterns and designs on our Holy Table covers. While designs range from simple to intricate, every single Holy Table cover features a cross at the center and are mostly accompanied by decorations around the edges. We use high quality threads for embroidered covers and our talented embroiderers execute each design to consummate perfection. Prices mentioned are for Holy Table covers sized 55”x55” and customers have the option to upgrade their order with premium decoration and velvet inserts. 
Explore Entire Range
Yellow-gold Holy Table covers can be used throughout the year. We have a comprehensive selection and encourage customers to take a look at Holy Table covers in other color combinations such as black-gold, blue-gold, claret-gold, red-gold, violet-silver, white-silver, black-silver, blue-silver, green-gold, violet-gold and white-gold to arrive at the perfect choice for their Church. Customers can also take a look at our top ten bestsellers for this collection which are mentioned on the left hand side of this page. 
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Embroidered Holy table cover no.5
SKU: VE-779-0228
Our price: US$1052.99 (CAD$1421.54)
Market price: US$1390.00 , save 24%