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Holy Table Covers

The Holy Table is the focal point of Orthodox Christian churches. It is one of the most important pieces of furniture found in the House of God. For this reason, it should be decorated with a resplendent covering. Istok Church Supplies offer an incomparable collection of stunning Holy Table covers for sale that would create an everlasting impression on the visitors to your church.
Beauty in the Service of God
Orthodox Christians recognize that beauty is an important dimension of human life and use it to praise God. God has bestowed upon us many divine gifts and we can use them to glorify God. No wonder Orthodox Christian churches are so beautifully decorated – they are a symbol of the community’s devotion to God. 
Create a Sacred Ambience
When you step inside an Orthodox Christian church, you will be awe struck by the distinct presence of color and light – which help create a sacred atmosphere for worship. Everything, including the covering on the Holy Table has a part to play in building up this atmosphere. We specialize in offering exquisite Holy Table covers supplies. Whether you need it for outfitting a new church or as a replacement for your old one, we can cater to your requirements. 
Holy Table Cover Options
We offer our Holy Table covers in rich and vibrant color combinations such as green gold, blue gold, and claret gold to name a few. Customers can choose from elegant fabrics such as rayon brocade, metallic brocade and silk. Some of the Holy Table covers feature intricate embroidery - worthy of use in the House of God. Customers have the option of selecting from premium or luxury styles. Customers can also choose to add additional velvet inserts for an extra cost. 
Enhance the dignity and prestige of your Church within your community by ordering one of our spectacular Holy Table covers for sale. No matter how many pieces you require, we can cater to your requirement.

Holy Table Covers (Black-Gold)

Holy Table Covers (Black-Silver)

Holy Table Covers (Blue-Gold)

Holy Table Covers (Blue-Silver)

Holy Table Covers (Claret-Gold)

Holy Table Covers (Green-Gold)

Holy Table Covers (Red-Gold)

Holy Table Covers (Violet-Gold)

Holy Table Covers (Violet-Silver)

Holy Table Covers (White-Gold)

Holy Table Covers (White-Silver)

Holy Table Covers (Yellow-Gold)


Holy table cover (embroidered shroud) Vine
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