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Holy Table Vestments

An Orthodox Christian Church is a representation of the Kingdom of God and you should do everything to adorn it with all things beautiful - after all, God deserves your best.  We present to you a range of ecclesiastical Holy Table vestments for sale that would enhance the dignity and beauty of any Orthodox church.
Create a Welcoming Atmosphere
Distinctly beautiful interiors are what set Orthodox Christian churches apart from other places of worship. Warm and welcoming, they represent the fact that the doors of God’s home are always open for the devout. Besides, they help create an atmosphere conducive for immersive worship – so powerful you will definitely feel the invisible presence of God. Vestments are not only for various ranks of clergy, but they are also prescribed for furniture within the Church. The Holy Table is one of the most sacred pieces of furniture in the House of God and deserves to be draped with a rich vestment that signifies its importance. You can be sure that our beautiful Holy Table vestments are fashioned in accordance with the traditions and customs associated with them.
Extremely Reasonable Prices
Give your church a fresh, new look with one of our Holy Table vestment supplies. Available in appealing fabrics such as rayon brocade and metallic brocade, they are sure to add decorative value. We offer Holy Table vestments in a wide range of appealing color combinations so that customers can find the perfect match for their church interiors. Some of them feature excellent embroidery to complement any setting. Keeping in mind the budgetary constraints of our customers, we offer these products in two styles – premium and luxury. Customers can also upgrade by opting for extra rayon lining. As part of our endeavor to serve the Orthodox Christian community and preserve its customs and traditions, we offer our Holy Table vestments at discounted prices in order to make them more affordable. 
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Holy Table Vestments (Black-Gold)

Holy Table Vestments (Black-Silver)

Holy Table Vestments (Blue-Gold)

Holy Table Vestments (Blue-Silver)

Holy Table Vestments (Claret-Gold)

Holy Table Vestments (Green-Gold)

Holy Table Vestments (Red-Gold)

Holy Table Vestments (Violet-Gold)

Holy Table Vestments (Violet-Silver)

Holy Table Vestments (White-Gold)

Holy Table Vestments (White-Silver)

Holy Table Vestments (Yellow-Gold)


Holy table inner cloth Holy table cloth - S2 Holy table cloth - S3
SKU: VE-780
SKU: VE-702
SKU: VE-702-3
Our price: US$314.99 (CAD$434.69)
Market price: US$420.00 , save 25%

Our price: US$413.39 (CAD$570.48)

Our price: US$419.99 (CAD$579.59)

Holy table cloth - B Holy table cloth - BG1 Holy table cloth - BG2
SKU: VE-703
SKU: VE-704
SKU: VE-705
Our price: US$545.99 (CAD$753.47)

Our price: US$661.49 (CAD$912.86)

Our price: US$839.99 (CAD$1159.19)

Holy table cloth - BG3 Holy table cloth - BG4 Holy table cloth - BG5
SKU: VE-706
SKU: VE-707
SKU: VE-709
Our price: US$976.49 (CAD$1347.56)

Our price: US$1364.99 (CAD$1883.69)

Our price: US$1784.99 (CAD$2463.29)

Holy table cloth Pokrov
SKU: VE-715
Our price: US$3589.99 (CAD$4954.19)
Market price: US$4740.00 , save 24%