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Istok Church Supplies offers a wide range of high quality monastic clothing including mantles. Whether you wear it for processions or attending important church services such as Vespers and Matins, you can be sure of creating the right impression with our made-to-measure mantles. 
Black Monastic Mantles
We offer simple, solid black mantles for monks, nuns, Hegumen and Hegumia. Our black mantles are full-length capes that are joined at the neck and worn over outer garments. Devoid of ornamentation, they remind the wearer and onlookers of the vow of poverty that monks and nuns take. In Orthodox Christianity, the monastic mantle is called the garment of incorruptibility and purity and our mantles are a fine reflection of this principle. 
Created to Bespoke Measurements
In order to procure the free-flowing lines that a monastic mantle is supposed to have, we request customers to provide us their exact measurements as per our online measurement chart so that our dedicated tailors can create perfectly suiting mantles. We offer two options for our monastic mantles – daily mantle without train and tonsure mantle with train for an additional cost. Customers can order as per their requirement.
Traditional Archimandrite Mantles
Istok Church Supplies also offers Archimandrite mantles that are joined at the neck as well as at the bottom. These garments feature four tablets, two near the neck and two at the bottom. These tablets which are rectangular pieces of cloth attached onto mantle corners feature beautiful embroidery and serve as a reminder than an archimandrite is someone who guides the flock according to the Lord’s commandments. The four attached pieces of cloth are symbolic of the Four Gospels as well as the Testaments. Archimandrite mantles are black in color, made-to-order and created with high quality workmanship and attention to detail. 
With easy navigation, hassle-free ordering and safe payment options, Istok Church Supplies offers a superior online shopping experience – use it to purchase high quality mantles at best prices!


Monastic semi-mantle Monastic mantle for nuns (daily) Monastic mantle (for tonsure)
SKU: VE-980
SKU: VE-985
SKU: VE-983
Our price: US$125.99 (CAD$173.87)
Market price: US$170.00 , save 26%

Our price: US$164.99 (CAD$227.69)
Market price: US$220.00 , save 25%

Our price: US$166.99 (CAD$230.45)
Market price: US$230.00 , save 27%

Monastic mantle for nuns (for tonsure) Monastic mantle (daily) Monastic semi-mantle (for traveling)
SKU: VE-986
SKU: VE-982
SKU: VE-994
Our price: US$177.99 (CAD$245.63)
Market price: US$240.00 , save 26%

Our price: US$220.99 (CAD$304.97)
Market price: US$300.00 , save 26%

Our price: US$220.99 (CAD$304.97)
Market price: US$300.00 , save 26%

Archimandrite mantle
SKU: VE-984
Our price: US$649.99 (CAD$896.99)
Market price: US$860.00 , save 24%