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Orthodox Festal icons

Istok Church Supplies offers authentic, hand painted Orthodox festal icons delivered to your doorstep. Now there’s no excuse to settle for unoriginal, mass produced festal icons because we offer these products at very competitive prices!
Festal Icons Serve a Special Purpose
They align with the Twelve Great Feasts in the Orthodox Christian liturgical calendar and depict pivotal events of Christ’s earthly ministry, starting from the Nativity of the Most Holy Theotokos and ending with the Dormition of the Blessed Mother. Orthodox festal icons are a visual manifestation of major events in the life of Christ and the Most Holy Thetokos. The festal icons offered by Istok Church Supplies enhance prayer and meditation and are perfect for homes, offices as well as churches. 
Traditional Style with Top Quality Workmanship
What sets apart the Orthodox festal icons offered by us is the quality of the finished products and adherence to Orthodox Christian liturgical art traditions. We have skilled iconographers who have spent a considerable amount of time understanding Greek-Orthodox and Byzantine canonical art traditions. Each and every painting is rendered by hand with careful attention to the minutest of details. Paintings are rendered with all natural ingredients based on ancient recipes. 
Orthodox Festal Icons for All Budgets
Prices range from around five dollars to over seven hundred dollars. Even the cheapest of our festal icons are of high quality and feature double gold imprinting that adds richness and depth to colors. The more expensive products have lavish elements such as silver-gilding, gold-plating, copper and enamel. Customers can purchase single items or purchase a complete set of Orthodox festal icons for display in churches or private meditation. Orthodox festal icons are available in different sizes and customers can use the drop down menu to view available sizes.
Enhance your devotion and stay true to the Orthodox Christian ethos – purchase authentic, traditional festal icons from Istok Church Supplies!


Icon - Nativity of Christ - A107-2 Byzantine icon: The Most Holy Trinity Icon: Holy Trinity - V
SKU: IM-A107-2
SKU: ICX-17-16x19
SKU: ICV-28-Md
Our price: US$99.99 (CAD$134.99)
Market price: US$150.00 , save 33%

Our price: US$47.99 (CAD$64.79)
Market price: US$65.00 , save 26%

Our price: US$1296.99 (CAD$1750.94)
Market price: US$1690.00 , save 23%

Icon: Holy Trinity - R36K Icon: Holy Trinity - R209 Religious icon: Holy Trinity - 16
SKU: ICS-01112
Our price: US$943.99 (CAD$1274.39)
Market price: US$1066.71 , save 12%

Our price: US$533.99 (CAD$720.89)
Market price: US$603.41 , save 12%

Our price: US$3249.99 (CAD$4387.49)
Market price: US$4230.00 , save 23%

Icon: Holy Trinity - S6 Icon: Holy Epiphany - P10 (39.4''x55.9'' (100x142 cm)) Icon Nativity of Christ
SKU: ICS-01106
SKU: ICP-011
Our price: US$5230.99 (CAD$7061.84)
Market price: US$6910.00 , save 24%

Our price: US$1494.99 (CAD$2018.24)
Market price: US$1950.00 , save 23%

Our price: US$374.99 (CAD$506.24)
Market price: US$500.00 , save 25%

Icon: Synaxis of the Balaam Saints - SVS71 Icon: Synaxis of the Saints of the Pskovian Caves - SPPS55 Icon: Synaxis of the Holy New Martyrs of Russia - SNR43
Our price: US$27.99 (CAD$37.79)
Market price: US$50.00 , save 44%

Our price: US$35.99 (CAD$48.59)
Market price: US$60.00 , save 40%

Our price: US$36.99 (CAD$49.94)
Market price: US$60.00 , save 38%