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Orthodox icons of Holy Angels

Orthodox icons of Holy Angels. Holy Archangel Michael, Holy Archangel Jegudiel,Holy Archangel Jeremiel and and others.

Presenting the Byzantine Orthodox Icons of Holy Angels from Istok 
Icons have had a very special place in the Byzantine Orthodox tradition. From the first icon created to the many modern depictions of various traditional scenes, these icons of Holy Angels have been venerated for thousands of years. They have influenced the development of art even as similar images and icons are being unearthed from older churches and catacombs. 
The Purpose of Byzantine Orthodox Icons of Holy Angels
The ancient icons were made on wood with paints and using melted wax mixed in with colors. These images themselves were not worshipped but venerated as they provided a visual depiction of a time when Jesus Christ walked the earth. Murals and mosaics flourished in the Byzantine era and the Holy Angels Byzantine Orthodox icons became the medium through which faith and tradition were carried on. Gazing at these images and lighting a lamp to honor them are all necessary parts of salvation.  
What Istok Offers
At Istok Church Supplies, we uphold the traditions that promulgate the use of Holy Angels Byzantine Orthodox icons. We have quite a few of these images in wonderful detailing showcasing intricately embroidered Orthodox icons on strong wooden bases. Depending on the icons you are choosing for your church, you can look at the Holy Archangel Michael, Holy Archangel Jeremiel and Holy Archangel Uriel among many others. These stunning images depicted in various poses are also decorated with intricate beadwork and gold imprinting. The icons can be showcased in any part of the church depending on your needs and venerated by the lighting of the lamp. We also have a range of appropriately sized icon cases which can be added on to your purchase to get it ready for the church as soon as you receive the delivery.


Icon: Holy Archangel Michael - O5 Icon: the Miracle by Holy Archangel Michael in Chonia - L Icon: Holy Archangel Michael - O4
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Icon: Holy Guardian Angel - R244-6 Icon: Holy Guardian Angel - R244-7 Icon: Holy Archangel Michael - V (11.8''x15.7'' (30x40 cm))
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