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Need a Greek priest vestment set or altar server sticharion urgently? From Russian style under cassocks to Greek priest vestment sets, Istok Church Supplies has a vast collection of in-stock, ready to ship Orthodox Christian liturgical vestments. 
No Compromise in Quality
We are specialists of high quality custom-made Orthodox Christian liturgical vestments but we also take care of the needs of customers who are looking for vestments in standard sizes. Our made-to-order liturgical vestments take a few weeks for order completion but our in-stock liturgical vestments are ready to ship. Customers can be assured of the same attention to detail, adherence to traditions and high quality sewing that are the hallmarks of our made-to-order services. 
Church Apparel in Different Styles
We have made a conscious effort to look into the needs of different Orthodox Christian communities while curating this collection. We offer vestments in various styles including Orthodox Greek and Orthodox Russian. Customers can find different types of garments such as Russian kosovorotka, clergy shirts, clergy vests Russian under cassocks, Greek under cassocks, Bulgarian under cassocks, Russian cassocks, Greek cassocks, and nun’s under cassocks, nun’s tunics and nun’s tonsuring mantles in a wide variety of sizes, fabrics and colors. 
Ready-to-Go Liturgical Vestments
We also offer liturgical vestments such as altar server sticharions, deacon’s vestments, sub-deacon’s vestments, Russian priest vestments and Greek priest vestments in a broad range of church fabrics, traditional color combinations and sizes. Russian priest vestments and Greek priest vestments are offered as complete sets, the only limitation being that customers have to select from available sizes and colors. We offer very affordable pricing for products in this section and customers can find great bargains while browsing through this section. 
We ship worldwide and offer multiple payment options as well as shipping options. Make sure there’s never an occasion when you’re not attired appropriately with Istok Church Supplies’ marvelous collection of in-stock, ready to ship Orthodox Christian garments!


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Russian undercassock 43"/5'11" (46/182) #557 Holy table cover #513 - 15% off Greek Priest vestment set 53-54"/6' (68/184) #563 - 10% OFF
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Our price: US$536.99 (CAD$724.94)
Market price: US$655.13 , save 18%

Our price: US$589.99 (CAD$796.49)

Our price: US$679.99 (CAD$917.99)
Market price: US$829.59 , save 18%

Altar server stikharion 39-40"/5'9" (50-52/174) - 35% off Russian priest vestments 42-44"/5'5"-5'8" (54-56/168-172) #393 embroidered Embroidered Russian priest vestments Eden birds (52-58/174) - $200 off

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Our price: US$899.95 (CAD$1214.93)
Market price: US$1300.00 , save 31%

Our price: US$899.99 (CAD$1214.99)
Market price: US$1169.99 , save 23%

Our price: US$980.99 (CAD$1324.34)
Market price: US$3133.45 , save 69%

Deacon vestment set Wattled violet 39-40"/5'9" (50-52/176) (SALE - 35% OFF)
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Our price: US$1190.00 (CAD$1606.50)
Market price: US$2100.00 , save 43%

  • Products 133 to 144 of 139  per page
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