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 Istok Church Supplies presents a great selection of souvenirs and handmade gifts that are suitable for a wide variety of occasions including holidays, festivals and celebrations. From games, clothing accessories, Paschal bags to depictions of your favorite icon, souvenirs and portrait embroidery, we have everything to cover your gifting requirements. 
Gifts for Pascha
Pascha (Easter) holds special significance for Orthodox Christians. It is about Christ’s passion, His death, His Resurrection and ultimately His glorification - observing Pascha is a way of affirming our faith in Eternal Life. Share your sentiments by gifting paschal bags that can be used to store Paschal (Easter) eggs and koulich. Browse through our collection to find oil vigil lamps designed with a depiction of exquisite filigree Paschal eggs – wonderful souvenir and handmade gifts for Pascha!
For someone you know very closely, you may gift a silk screen icon such as the one of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker that you’ll find in our catalogue. Everything from the lighting to the color and even the facial expressions of the Saint’s face are etched in keeping with traditions. We also have an excellent collection of utilitarian gifts including high quality copper napkin holders, sweet holders, visiting card holders and scoops featuring filigree work and silver gilding. 
Any Time Souvenirs
When it comes to decorative souvenirs, customers can choose from varied items such as souvenir fir trees, souvenir eggs, souvenir apples, souvenir bird and souvenir apples – all of which have special symbolism in the Orthodox Christian faith. You’ll also find an extensive selection of portrait embroideries that draw from symbols of the Orthodox faith and would be perfect to adorn walls. 
Gifts for All Ages
We also have gift items for children as young as five years old. Our desk games provide many hours of entertainment can be perfect gift items on your child’s naming ceremony when you would invite all your relatives and family to join in the festivities. Christmas or Pascha, naming ceremony or just because – you can trust Istok Church Supplies for unique and reasonably priced Orthodox Christian gifts and souvenirs. 


Souvenir Scoop small - 1 Souvenir Scoop big - 2 Souvenir Rainbow (for napkins)
SKU: K-197
SKU: K-198
SKU: K-489
Our price: US$571.54 (CAD$771.58)

Our price: US$1109.25 (CAD$1497.49)

Our price: US$137.75 (CAD$185.96)

Souvenir Fir-tree Souvenir Egg Souvenir Butterfly (for napkins)
SKU: K-582
SKU: K-54
SKU: K-488
Our price: US$103.92 (CAD$140.29)

Our price: US$319.00 (CAD$430.65)

Our price: US$35.04 (CAD$47.30)

Souvenir Bird Souvenir Apple
SKU: K-173
SKU: K-454
Our price: US$377.00 (CAD$508.95)

Our price: US$361.29 (CAD$487.74)