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Standing icon cases

One distinction which separates the Orthodox Church from other denominations is the use of holy images or icons as part of their church worship. Icons have been used in ancient times and have been found during excavations of graves and catacombs and some ancient Christian churches.
Spiritual Significance
The most commonly depicted pictures in icons used in the Orthodox Church are the images of Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, and sometimes saints. The process of displaying icons or iconography was widespread and besides the usual paintings, the icons used frescoes, mosaics, other art forms to depict Christ, the Virgin Mary and the Saints. Depending on how valuable the icons were, they were usually displayed in Orthodox carved wooden icon cases, which are made from wood, carved, and polished, in different sizes.
Elaborate Cases
Icons were used in the Orthodox Churches to teach about God, and they could be even found in homes and public buildings. Istok Church Supplies have an excellent range of church standing icon cases for sale, at various prices. Churches displayed their icons in elaborately carved cases. The more elaborately wood carved cases average around US$ 9500. Another purpose of using icons in Orthodox Churches is to help aid churchgoers in meditation and concentration by focusing their thoughts and prayers on the icon.
Different Forms
Istok Church Supplies have a wide range of icons and standing cases available for shipment to any part of the world on order. Icon which comes from the Greek “eikon” or image is venerated in the Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Churches, and comes in different forms. They could be cast in stone, metal, painted on cloth, mosaic, embroidered, etc. They are usually displayed in Orthodox carved wooden icon cases often very elaborately and have illumination provided for by a candle or lamp.
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