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Vigil Lytia Plates

Preparing for important church services is a distinguishing feature of Orthodox Christian worship. The all-night Vigil that is held on Sunday eve and eves of major liturgical feasts is one such important service.  Istok Church Supplies carries a range of stunning vigil plates to make All-Night Vigils and Litya processions special and memorable. 
Vigil Plates in Traditional Designs
An All-Night Vigil is special in the sense that it combines various aspects of Matins and Great Vespers in one service. It brings forth the faithful from night into day, from darkness into light with the Light of Christ guiding our hearts in the transition. Celebrated with hymns and songs, our decorative vigil plates are just the items you need to make an An-Night Vigil an extra special occasion. Combining traditional beauty and functionality, our vigil plates are available in a wide variety of designs. Featuring German silver cups, high quality brass, gold gilding, these plates are just the articles you need to take your worship to the next level. 
Handcrafted Jewelry Vigil Lytia Plates
For a contemporary look, you may select from our range of vigil plates featuring partial or nickel gilding. Additional details such as hand engravings make these church service items highly desirable. For the ultimate decorative designs, choose from our selection of handmade jewelry vigil plates. These products include exquisite details such as enamel painting and engravings rendered by our skilled master craftsmen in Europe. From top to bottom, these vigil plates are encompassed by artistry and finesse. Prices range from under a thousand dollars to over ten thousand dollars, depending on the intricacies of the designs. We offer our products with marked down prices and additional discounts to make them affordable for various Orthodox Church communities. With no additional taxes and worldwide delivery services, you can purchase the most enchanting vigil plates produced in the world. 
We do our best to preserve and promote Orthodox Christian traditions, hence we offer vigil plates in age-old designs and styles. Rest assured that you are purchasing an authentic, high quality vigil plate that will serve its purpose for many years to come!


Vigil plate - 2 Vigil plate - 7 Vigil plate - 5
SKU: SI-020-0019
SKU: SI-109-0020
SKU: SI-059-0026
Our price: US$550.99 (CAD$760.37)
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Our price: US$588.99 (CAD$812.81)
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Our price: US$1193.99 (CAD$1647.71)
Market price: US$1580.00 , save 24%

Vigil plate - 1

Vigil plate - 1 (engraving) Vigil plate - 1 (chasing)
SKU: SI-004-0016
SKU: SI-301-0017
SKU: SI-108-0018
Our price: US$1267.99 US$887.59 (CAD$1224.87)
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Our price: US$1335.99 (CAD$1843.67)
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Our price: US$1426.99 (CAD$1969.25)
Market price: US$1890.00 , save 24%

Vigil plate no.2 Vigil plate no.4 Vigil plate no.2b

SKU: SI-021-0022
SKU: SI-312-0029
SKU: SI-026-0021
Our price: US$1535.99 (CAD$2119.67)
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Our price: US$1989.99 (CAD$2746.19)
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Our price: US$2036.99 US$1736.99 (CAD$2397.05)
Market price: US$2690.00 , save 35%

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Vigil plate no.3

Vigil plate no.4a Vigil plate no.2A-R

SKU: SI-014-0023
SKU: SI-311-0028
SKU: SI-405-0025
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