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Wedding candles

The Orthodox Christian wedding ceremony is firmly rooted in ancient rituals and traditions. Candles are lit during the ceremony and have an abundance of significance. Customers can shop for the best deals on beautiful wedding candles and candle holders at Istok Church Supplies’ online store. 
Significance of Wedding Candles
The Orthodox Christian marriage ceremony follows the Betrothal Service and begins with the Priest handing over two separate candles to the bride and groom. These candles are lit from the same source to indicate that Christ, Light of the World, is illuminating the lives of his followers and showing them the way for their new life together. By accepting the candles, the couple acknowledge their desire to live their lives together as a married couple with the blessings of the Orthodox.
Orthodox Church wedding candles can be ornate or simple. Our beautiful wedding candles produce a soft gentle glow and set the ideal mood for an unforgettable event with family and friends. 
Candle Holders in Elegant Designs
We feature candle accessories such as candle holders in our catalogue. Our special candle holders are highly functional and help users hold the candles in an upright position. Their simple and clean designs make them easy to hold in church during any special procession or occasion. 
We also offer wedding candle holders with protective cups that prevent the flame from getting extinguished. At the same time, they help to prevent objects situated around the candle from catching fire. They are ideal for church processions where there is greater risk of flame getting extinguished. Customers can find wedding candles and wedding candle holders in a wide variety of styles. We are constantly adding to our catalogue and include new and fresh designs that would complement a traditional Orthodox Christian wedding ceremony. We hope you find the perfect candle and candle holder to make your wedding celebration a grand success. 
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