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Zeons Pitchers

Istok Church Supplies has your church covered for all ecclesiastical vessels including communion zeon ladles and zeon pitchers. Made from quality brass, they are as beautiful as they are functional. Elevate your church services with these beautiful creations!
Beautiful, Functional Zeon Ladles
Our communion zeon ladles are designed to serve their purpose for many years to come. Made from brass and covered with high quality gold gilding, they are rendered by devoted craftsmen in accordance with Orthodox Christian canons. Whether it is inscriptions, crosses or other decorative effects, every single detail is executed to perfection for exceptional quality results. We take care of every single detail including structural rigidity of the connecting handle and appropriate depth of scoop. We offer zeon ladles with enamel in different liturgical colors including white, green, blue and claret. 
Ecclesiastical Washing Jugs
Our zeon pitchers are functional water jugs you can use to wash hands with during Eucharist rituals and other important church services. They are available in the kettle shape and include many useful features that enhance their practicality. The handles are comfortable to hold – some designs feature handles made from ebonite – and facilitate easy handling during services. The lids are easy to operate and mostly come with a cross on top for heightened effect. 
Richly Decorated For Stupendous Beauty 
Designs for our zeon pitchers range from simple to intricate and evoke the grandeur of days gone by. While some feature applique decorations, others feature carvings that have been executed directly on the jugs by expert hands. Galvanized gold or silver gilding ensures their durability and pristine appearance even after repeated used. These items are offered in a wide range of finishes including mirror finish that makes them appear shiny. We also have jewelry ecclesiastical zeon pitchers that feature natural phianite stones applied by hand. 
Come explore our vast collection – we are confident you will agree that there’s no better place to shop for best quality zeon ladles and zeon washing jugs at affordable prices than Istok Church Supplies! 


After-communion cup Communion scoop-ladle - 1 Communion scoop-ladle - 2
SKU: SI-356-0090
SKU: SI-034-0090
SKU: SI-019-0038-SG-3220039
Our price: US$45.99 (CAD$62.09)
Market price: US$70.00 , save 34%

Our price: US$52.99 (CAD$71.54)
Market price: US$100.00 , save 47%

Our price: US$115.99 (CAD$156.59)
Market price: US$160.00 , save 28%

Communion scoop - 4 After-communion ladle - A29l Communion ladle - 8
SKU: SI-017-0044
SKU: SIA-0029L
SKU: SI-118-0048
Our price: US$131.99 (CAD$178.19)
Market price: US$180.00 , save 27%

Our price: US$151.99 (CAD$205.19)
Market price: US$210.00 , save 28%

Our price: US$152.99 (CAD$206.54)
Market price: US$210.00 , save 27%

Communion scoop - 7 Communion zeon - 4 Liturgical scoop no.1081
SKU: SIN-026
SKU: SIA-0029
Our price: US$158.99 (CAD$214.64)
Market price: US$210.00 , save 24%

Our price: US$220.99 (CAD$298.34)
Market price: US$300.00 , save 26%

Our price: US$236.99 (CAD$319.94)
Market price: US$320.00 , save 26%

Liturgical scoop no.1102 Vessel for Holy Gifts no.1154 Communion zeon - 5
SKU: SIA-0300
Our price: US$255.99 (CAD$345.59)
Market price: US$340.00 , save 25%

Our price: US$299.99 (CAD$404.99)
Market price: US$400.00 , save 25%

Our price: US$317.99 (CAD$429.29)
Market price: US$420.00 , save 24%