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From votive glasses and vigil lamps to chalice veils, Holy Table covers and epitaphios, Orthodox Christian churches use a wide variety of distinctive items for the Holy Altar. Istok Church Supplies makes it easy for customers to find all these items at one convenient place - our altar items section. 
Altar Items from Russia
Our Altar Items section brings forward high quality products from Russia. Here you will find elegant church votive glasses in different colors, sizes and with various holding capacities. We also offer ornate standing and hanging vigil lamps to place before religious icons. Hanging vigil lamps are made from high quality brass and available in various styles such as Great Lavra, deisis and egg vigil lamp. 
Elegant Covers and Napkins
Included in this collection are assorted items such as embroidered chalice covers for use during Proskomodia or liturgy with Bishop, embroidered Epitaphios, embroidered napkins for lampada or candle stand and fully embroidered napkins for the cross at the Altar Table. These items can be made-to-order so that they fit perfectly in your church altar. Our highly talented embroiderers render every design with patience and attention to detail so as to produce magnificent results. If you’re looking for elegantly embroidered Holy Table covers, we have those too at amazing prices. 
Exquisitely Embroidered Chalice Veils
We offer chalice covers or veils in a wide range of fabrics such as brocade, silk and natural velvet. These items too are available in various colors such as dark blue, yellow, red, green, violet, white, burgundy, black and sky blue. High quality threads including metallic ones such as gold and silver threads are used for embroidery. Our chalice veils feature both text and renderings of popular icons such as Pentecost, Christ the Savior, Holy Theotokos, St. Seraphim, St. Nicholas and many others. Old Russian pattern chalice covers too are available for purchase. These items can be specially sized to match your requirements. Text can be rendered in any language – English, Greek or Slovanic. 
Feel free to browse our collection as per your convenience– we are open 24/7!
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Clergy vestments: Epitrakhilion set BG3

Epitrakhilion set - natural German velvet (claret-gold)

Religious icons: Wedding icons

SKU: VE-126
SKU: IC-027
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Our price: US$299.99 (CAD$404.99)
Market price: US$400.00 , save 25%

Our price: US$310.99 (CAD$419.84)
Market price: US$420.00 , save 26%

Our price: US$312.99 (CAD$422.54)
Market price: US$410.00 , save 24%

Standing icon no.2

Clergy stikharion - German velvet (yellow-claret-gold)

Embroidered chalice covers - Cornflowers

SKU: SIU-002
SKU: PV-W101
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Our price: US$317.99 (CAD$429.29)
Market price: US$420.00 , save 24%

Our price: US$322.99 (CAD$436.04)
Market price: US$430.00 , save 25%

Our price: US$329.59 (CAD$444.95)
Market price: US$440.00 , save 25%

Church wall lamp Don (2 lights)

Embroidered Holy table cover Balaam (linen)

Epitrakhilion set - metallic brocade BG1 (claret-gold)

SKU: PAZ-014
SKU: VE-771-LI
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Our price: US$331.99 (CAD$448.19)
Market price: US$405.03 , save 18%

Our price: US$334.99 (CAD$452.24)
Market price: US$450.00 , save 26%

Our price: US$349.99 (CAD$472.49)
Market price: US$470.00 , save 26%

Natural leather backpack - 2

Church furniture: Holy table

Clergy vestments: Epitrakhilion set BG4

SKU: LES-0330
SKU: VE-127
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Our price: US$349.99 (CAD$472.49)
Market price: US$560.00 , save 38%

Our price: US$356.99 (CAD$481.94)
Market price: US$540.00 , save 34%

Our price: US$359.99 (CAD$485.99)
Market price: US$480.00 , save 25%

  • Products 205 to 216 of 499  per page
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