Shop for Exclusive Church Lecterns with High Quality Workmanship and Reasonable Prices

Church lecterns are important articles of furniture across all Christian communities. While generic lecterns can be found in several offline and online stores offering church furniture, Istok Church Supplies focuses on offering special types of lecterns such as the kliros and analogian that appeal to Orthodox Christian communities.

Traditional Analogians and Kliros

In Orthodox tradition, the lectern is used to keep an icon or book of Gospel for veneration. Sometimes, it is also used to keep a liturgical book from which to read during services. Traditionally, the analogian fulfills this requirement. The kliros is a multi-sided lectern that chanters or singers keep their notes on and gather around for easy referral during church services. With all eyes on the lectern, it’s necessary to ensure that the church lectern is in the traditional style and complements other articles of church furniture. Istok Church Supplies has master craftsmen who understand Orthodox liturgical art traditions and execute orders with skills and attention to detail.

Timeless Beauty and Quality Workmanship

Istok Church Supplies’ specialty lies in offering a huge range of high quality church lecterns at affordable prices. Orthodox Christian communities are sure to be attracted to the traditional styles that convey timeless beauty and respect for customs. Orthodox analogian are offered in different forms including ones with four legs, ones with a single central stand, solid block stands and double lecterns among others. Church lecterns are found in traditional materials such as solid wood and brass. They incorporate many rich features such as gold gilding, silver gilding, intricate carvings and enamel which enhance their appeal. The finishing is immaculate and these items are polished to a high degree.

Cost Effective Options

Istok Church Supplies is considerate of all customers’ requirements. When budget is not a constraint, the more ornate lecterns are a great option. However, customers looking for cost-effective solutions do not need to feel disappointed. There are many items in the section that are affordable without compromising on quality. A convenient option is the no-frills folding church lectern that is available for under two hundred dollars. It is traditional in the sense that it is a slanted stand and can fulfill the function of more ornate designs. The simple construction means that it is affordable, lightweight and portable. If your church is limited by budget or space, folding lecterns are an attractive option to consider.

Istok Church Supplies is the global one-stop shop for Orthodox Church products in traditional styles. Explore the comprehensive range of church lecterns to find the perfect fit for your church!