Take Advantage of A Limited Period Offer of Up to 40% Discount on Floor Candle Stands!

Your favorite church floor candle stands are now available with up to 40% discount! Yes, you heard it right – up to 40% discount on floor candle stands! If you’ve been waiting for the right time to purchase exquisite, hand-crafted solid brass candle stands for your church, it’s now!

Numerous Designs to Choose From
We are offering up to 40% discount on floor candle stands for a wide variety of designs so customers can select as per their preferences and budget. From simple designs featuring elegant carvings, cross candle stands and sand church floor candle stands with or without casted branches to lavish three head church floor candle stands, brass floor candle stands featuring colorful enamel detailing and extravagant pieces featuring china, enamel and gold plating, there’s a lot to choose from.

No Compromise on Quality
Even with up to 40% discount on floor candle stands, there’s no let up on quality. The discounted items feature the same high quality workmanship we provide to all our solid brass candle stands. They incorporate solid construction and a heavy base to ensure stability during use. These items are hand-crafted and hand-polished by expert craftsmen. Carvings, gold plating, enamel work and other rich details are executed perfectly to ensure magnificent results.

Other Candle Stands with Discounts
Floor candle stands that can hold anywhere between twenty to seventy six candles are up for grabs at never-before seen prices. Items with the special offer are distributed throughout the section for candle stands and customers can compare their before/after prices to understand the cost savings they would be making. Customers can also take a look at other items in the candle stands section such as richly carved table candle stands, jewelry table candle stands, wall candle holders, processional primikirions and church floor candle stands for children that are available with discounts ranging from 15-30%.

High quality church floor candle stands at unbelievable low prices – hurry and place your order before the offer expires!