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Excellent quality embroidery with original German Madeira threads.

Presenting Orthodox Embroidered Icons from Istok
Be it the Icon of Christ or any of the Saints, it plays a huge role in imparting a story that took place well before time itself. Icons are venerated images that simplify teachings and transform them to symbolical forms, making it easier to understand the depth of the depicted image. Most importantly these icons are created by iconographers who have undertaken proper study and offered prayers before embarking on the path that leads to the creation of such amazingly detailed embroidered Orthodox icons with beads and other materials.
The Purpose of Embroidered Orthodox Icons
The embroidered Orthodox icons with beads crafted on cloth, metal or stone or even painted on wood can create a worshipful atmosphere in the Church. Thoughtfully crafted icons made by master craftsmen and accompanied by prayers are themselves powerful depictions of a time when Jesus Christ or Saints walked the earth. By choosing to showcase these icons in your Church, you transform the simple atmosphere within and turn it into a place for followers to forget their worries and believe in the healing powers of the Lord. These can be stationed in the most visible areas of the Church and can be illuminated with chandeliers of intricately designed brass that follow a similar theme through the interior of the church.
What Istok Offers
At Istok Church Supplies, you will find, for example, the most exquisite icon of Holy Archangel Michael, embroidered with beads of luminescent white and finely rendered craftsmanship among others choices. These icons bestow a reverent atmosphere within the chapel walls and can be used to decorate the Church so that all followers and people in the audience may gaze upon its stupendous beauty and revere the powerful images. 
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Vintage Ecclesiastical Design 698 embroidered applique Embroidered icon - Holy hierarch Demetrius, Metropolitan of Rostov Vintage Ecclesiastical Design 726 embroidered applique
SKU: EM-49771
SKU: EM-O-073
SKU: EM-49381
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Embroidered icon of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker Embroidered icon of St. Basil the Great Embroidered icon - Venerable Sergius of Radonezh
SKU: EM-O-034
SKU: EM-O-042
SKU: EM-O-054
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Embroidered icon - Christ the Panthocrator Embroidered icon - St. Prince Vladimir Equal-to-the-Apostle Vintage Ecclesiastical Design 902
SKU: EM-O-037
SKU: EM-O-051
SKU: EM-50381
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Our price: US$59.89 (CAD$80.85)
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Vintage Ecclesiastical Design 741 embroidered applique Embroidered icon - Holy Hierarch Spyridon of Tremethius Embroidered icon of the Most Holy Theotokos The Seven Arrows
SKU: EM-49951
SKU: EM-O-074
SKU: EM-O-036
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