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Klobuks & Kamilavkas

Presenting the Orthodox Klobuks & Kamilavkas from Istok

The Klobuk is the headdress or a hat worn during church services by the Orthodox clergy. It looks much like a top hat with a cylindrical body and is covered by a veil, both of which are identical in color. In the Orthodox tradition, the veils are permanently attached to the top portion with a cross embroidered onto the front for Greek monks. At Istok you will be able to choose this head dress based on your individual requirements. 
The Significance of the Klobuk
The Klobuk is an important part of the vestments worn by clergy. This headdress with the veil is made from simple black cloth and forms as much a part of the service as the rite does. Donning this headdress satisfies the vestment requirements in every way. These are simple materials with none of the intricately designed threadwork seen in other vestments although the color may vary in its darker hues.
What Istok Offers
Istok Church Supplies present the Orthodox Klobuk and Kamilavkas as part of the monastic vestments. By providing an appropriate size for this head dress, we can customize it to match the measurements sent, so that it may fit the wearer perfectly. Correct head dresses can make a lot of difference to the bearing of the wearer since it will do no good to have the klobuk sit precariously on the head of a monk while he is addressing or carrying out his duties.


Greek kamilavkion (Clerics Kalimafhi) Klobuk carrying bag - 1 Klobuk carrying bag - 2
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Monastic klobuk Nun's klobuk Russian kamilavka
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