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Ritualistic Function of Iconostasis in Eastern Orthodox Church Liturgies
Some of the differences between Eastern Orthodox Churches and other Christian denominations is the use of icons and religious paintings as part of the daily church service. In many Orthodox churches, they have a wall of religious paintings and icons that separate the main church from the inner sanctuary, and these are called iconostases.
Decorative Carvings
Portable icon stands are also called iconostasis, but the big wall of icons and religious paintings are referred to as iconostases. The size of a Greek Orthodox iconostasis is usually around 10 feet x 18 feet and it is made from good quality wood with detailed carvings. There are only a few suppliers who can handle such orders, and Istok Church Supplies have several wood carved iconostasis for sale. Prices range from US$ 2000 to US$ 50,000 depending on size and decorative carvings.
Virtual Partition
The main function of an iconostasis in the Orthodox Church is to separate the nave or main body of the church from the inner sanctuary, which is only accessed by the clergy. The border which defines the two is where the iconostasis is placed; however, it does not reach up to the ceiling. Modern Orthodox churches have done away with that type of partition and have gone in for several smaller icons placed on decorative tables to form a virtual partition. 
Multi-Tiered Icons
There are several types of iconostasis in the Orthodox Church with different styles and designs, the most common design being one or two rows of icons interspersed with doors in the centre and sides. Big cathedrals or churches may have heavily decorated multi-tiered iconostasis typically depicting the twelve great feasts, patriarchs, prophets, and apostles in several tiers. Whatever the requirement, Istok Church Supplies can supply them from existing stock or can order special ones to be hand-crafted.


Iconostasis - 1 Iconostasis - 2 Iconostasis - 6-level
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