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Orthodox icons of Patron Saints

Icons of Patron Saints.Painting, tempera, brass, gold-gilding, nickel-gilding.

Venerate the patron saint who is closest to your heart because Istok Church Supplies has a comprehensive collection of icons of Orthodox Church patron saints!
Find Inspiration and Spiritual Purpose
In every generation and community of the Orthodox Christian faith, there have been people who followed the teachings of Christ with utmost faith, obedience, fearlessness and love for God. They were able to reach their destiny of sharing the life of God. Orthodox Christian communities honor such people as Patron Saints. Icons of Patron saints are venerated and no matter which Orthodox Christian church community you belong to, you can be sure we have your beloved Patron Saint icon. 
Authentic Depictions of Patron Saints
Patron Saints inspire laity to live lives filled with piety, spiritualism and religious devotion. Believers have faith that Saints protect them and intercede for their salvation. The icons of Patron Saints we offer not only depict them in the right manner but many also show important incidents of their lives. For example, a wall icon of St. Nicholas the Wondermaker. Whether you are looking for an icon of the Holy Apostle Barnabas or the Blessed Eldress Matrona, you will find it in our collection. 
Explore Our Extensive Collection
We carry icons of Orthodox Patron Saints to suit all budgets. The simplest ones cost under ten dollars and feature impressive details such as lithography and gold imprinting. Customers can select from a wide range of solid wood icon cases for these items. We also offer ornate wall icons of revered Patron Saints that feature beautiful detailing such as hand painting, gold gilding, nickel gilding, jewelry alloy frames and much more. No matter which type of icon you choose, you can rest assured that our craftsmen stay true to traditions and never compromise on quality. 
With tens of items on offer, use the search bar on our website to quickly find the finding the Patron Saint icon you are looking for!


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Orthodox icon Religious icons: St. Apostles Peter and Paul Orthodox religious icon
SKU: IC-211-0369
SKU: IC-212-0370
SKU: IC-213-0471
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Icon of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker - 34 Orthodox religious icon
SKU: IC-216-0005
SKU: IC-214-0916
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