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Votive glasses for vigil lamps

Are you looking for replacement votive glasses for your vigil lamps? You have come to the right place. Istok Church Supplies has a wide range of high quality votive glasses in liturgical colors that would add grace and beauty to your Orthodox Church interiors. 
Importance of Votive Glasses
A votive glass has a special role to play in offering prayers both at home and inside the Church. Traditionally, it is used to hold pure olive oil that feeds a floating wick which is to be lit. The act of lighting a lamp has significant importance in Orthodox Christian traditions as it is a reminder of Christ illuminating our souls. In accordance with ancient practices, the olive oil is extracted using a time honored, labor intensive method which itself represents devotion and sacrifice. 
Long Lasting, Heat Resistant Votive Glasses
For the Orthodox Church votive glass to serve its sacred purpose, it needs to be of high quality. Istok Church Supplies offers specially designed heat resistant votive glasses that are manufactured with heavy construction to provide many years of service. Our Orthodox Church votive glasses come in a wide range of designs including cut glass designs, clean line designs and indented line designs to provide maximum choice to our patrons. Rich hues of red, green and blue are sure to enhance the beauty of interiors wherein they are placed. 
Product Description and Display Image
The votive glasses for vigil lamps we stock weigh as less as .30 kg and are available in a wide range of dimensions. Customers are encouraged to go through information provided for each item and take a close look at the pictures so as to find something that best suits their requirements. Istok Church Supplies is committed to providing highest quality products at reasonable prices. Customers can make further cost savings by purchasing in bulk. Whether you are establishing a new Orthodox Church, refurbishing an old one or just looking to replace a few items, we have all the authentic and high quality items you need. 


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Church votive glass no.8 (triplex)

Church votive glass: Votive glass no.10

Church votive glass: Votive glass no.9H

SKU: VLD-010
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