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The baptismal font of an Orthodox Church occupies a crucial role in official baptism rituals and has a lot of important symbolism attached to it. It is a receptacle of blessed, holy water into which the person being baptized is immersed and brought out of three times. Read on to learn more about this fascinating object with origins dating back to ancient times.
Traditional Baptism Font Designs
The Holy Baptism ceremony is the first of Seven Sacraments. In Orthodox Christian tradition, the baptismal font is a chalice like vessel made of metal with a pedestal at the bottom and a receptacle placed above the pedestal to hold holy water. During baptism ceremony, three candles are lit around the font and the priest blesses water in the font by invoking the Holy Trinity.  
Baptism Font Purpose
The baptism font represents the Divine womb from which the person receives a second birth devoid of sins. When a person descends into the font and water covers his or her head, it signifies that his or her old sinful nature is dying and being buried in a grave. When the person emerges from the water, it’s like the person is being resurrected into a brand new, cleansed life. In many Orthodox churches, a baptismal font is placed near the entrance to provide them with easy access to holy water which they may partake there or take home. 
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