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Greek Priest Vestments (Black-Silver)

For many years now, Istok Church Supplies has been creating custom liturgical vestments including Greek Priest vestments in black and silver to help Orthodox Churches enhance worship throughout the year. Our customers depend on us to design properly outfitted and comfortable Greek Priest vestments and we take utmost care to deliver on their expectations. 
Excellent Quality Brocade
We offer Greek Priest vestments black and silver with many fabric and decoration options. These official garments are made of a high quality rayon or metallic jacquard brocade with various types of intricate patterns to suit varied style preferences and budgets. We understand the spiritual and functional significance of these garments and hence ensure that they comply with centuries old canons and traditions for liturgical vestments. We offer Greek Priest vestments as complete sets that include 5 items – phelonion, zone, epitralhilion, epigonation and epimanika. 
Embellishment Options Galore
For our Greek Priest vestments black and silver, customers have the freedom to choose from three adornment options – standard, premium and luxury. The standard adornment comes with inexpensive trimmings and machine made crosses, premium style comes with good quality trimmings and embroidered crosses and luxury style renders the garment with excellent quality trimmings and beautiful, hand embroidered crosses. Customers can add various elements to their orders including an embroidered icon for the back of the vestment and matching chalice covers and veils at an additional cost. 
Custom Built to Your Specifications
All our Greek Priest vestments are custom tailored to provide the perfect fit. Once customers provide their exact measurements based on our online measurement chart, our expert tailors in Europe will start their work on custom orders. We request customers to order well in advance, especially if they need the vestment by a particular date, since creating these vestments is a labor of love that takes several weeks for completion. Alternately, customers can use our rush order service which we provide for typical vestments with uncomplicated detailing. 
Order from us and perform any Mystery of the Church with complete confidence and piety, knowing that you are purchasing an authentic, top quality Greek Priest vestment!


Greek Priest vestment - rayon brocade S2 (black-silver)

Greek Priest vestment - rayon brocade S3 (black-silver)

Greek Priest vestment - rayon brocade S4 (black-silver)

SKU: VE-500S2-SB
SKU: VE-500S3-SB
SKU: VE-500S4-SB
Our price: US$443.99 (CAD$599.39)
Market price: US$590.00 , save 25%

Our price: US$452.99 (CAD$611.54)
Market price: US$600.00 , save 25%

Our price: US$472.99 (CAD$638.54)
Market price: US$630.00 , save 25%

Greek Priest vestment - metallic brocade B (black-silver)

Greek Priest vestments - 5

Greek Priest vestment - metallic brocade BG1 (black-silver)

SKU: VE-500B1-SB
SKU: VE-500-14514-SB
Our price: US$499.99 (CAD$674.99)
Market price: US$660.00 , save 24%

Our price: US$538.99 (CAD$727.64)
Market price: US$720.00 , save 25%

Our price: US$558.99 (CAD$754.64)
Market price: US$740.00 , save 24%

Greek Priest vestment - metallic brocade BG2 (black-silver)

Greek Priest vestment - metallic brocade BG3 (black-silver)

Greek Priest vestment - metallic brocade BG4 (black-silver)

Our price: US$599.99 (CAD$809.99)
Market price: US$800.00 , save 25%

Our price: US$693.99 (CAD$936.89)
Market price: US$920.00 , save 25%

Our price: US$829.99 (CAD$1120.49)
Market price: US$1100.00 , save 25%

Embroidered Greek Priest vestments - Chrysanthemum (black-silver)

Greek Priest vestment - metallic brocade BG5 (black-silver)

Greek Priest vestment - metallic brocade BG6 (black-silver)

SKU: VE-503-SB
Our price: US$1098.99 (CAD$1483.64)
Market price: US$1460.00 , save 25%

Our price: US$1099.99 (CAD$1484.99)
Market price: US$1460.00 , save 25%

Our price: US$1568.99 (CAD$2118.14)
Market price: US$2080.00 , save 25%