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Bishop Eagles

In need of a liturgical Bishop eagle carpet at affordable price? Istok Church Supplies caters to all kinds of Orthodox Christian church liturgical requirements including the distinctive eagle carpets that bishops are required to stand on while serving. 
Richly Symbolic Carpets
Bishop eagle carpets have rich symbolism associated with them. Traditionally, they depict a single headed eagle with expanded wings hovering or soaring over a city filled with walls and towers. This walled city is a representation of the Bishop’s diocese and the eagle represents an upright Bishop’s dignity and elevated spirituality. A liturgical eagle carpet also represents the Bishop’s hierarchical position and the grace of the Holy Spirit bestowed upon him. 
Bishop Eagle Carpets with Traditional Design
Whether you need a Bishop’s eagle carpet for services inside the church or outside, we have you covered. We understand a Bishop is required to stand on this ecclesiastical rug whenever he’s conducting a service and that it should feature the correct traditional design to uphold the Bishop’s and the church’s sanctity. We wish to assure that the ecclesiastical carpets we offer are made by talented craftsmen who understand and respect Orthodox Christian traditions. Each carpet is made by hand to guarantee exceptional quality results. 
Make Fantastic Savings
We offer round Bishop eagle carpets made from thick wool and German velvet. We believe this ensures their durability and impeccable appearance year after year. Prices for these carpets are considerably lower than what you would find in other online or brick-and-mortar stores - you can make savings of up to twenty five percent! Customers can choose from different colors according to their requirements and go through product details before making a purchase decision. We provide easy ordering and secure payment processes to ensure superior user experience on our website. We accept international orders and ship to locations in North America, Europe and Australia. 
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Bishop Eagle - 1 Bishop Eagle - 3 Bishop Eagle - 7
SKU: VA-015-0181
SKU: VA-017-0048-60
SKU: VA-013-0077
Our price: US$110.99 (CAD$153.17)
Market price: US$150.00 , save 26%

Our price: US$168.99 (CAD$233.21)
Market price: US$230.00 , save 27%

Our price: US$216.99 (CAD$299.45)
Market price: US$290.00 , save 25%

Bishop Eagle - 4 Cathedral eagle Bishop Eagle - 8
SKU: VA-018-0650-80
SKU: VA-016
SKU: VA-020-0045
Our price: US$335.99 (CAD$463.67)
Market price: US$1210.00 , save 72%

Our price: US$396.99 (CAD$547.85)
Market price: US$530.00 , save 25%

Our price: US$516.99 (CAD$713.45)
Market price: US$690.00 , save 25%

Bishop Eagle - 6 Bishop Eagle - 5
SKU: VA-014-0346
SKU: VA-019-0065
Our price: US$583.99 (CAD$805.91)
Market price: US$780.00 , save 25%

Our price: US$684.99 (CAD$945.29)
Market price: US$910.00 , save 25%