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In Orthodox Christian faith, devotees have the utmost respect for the Holy Mysteries. For this reason, they are reserved in a specially constructed box called the tabernacle that is secured to an altar. In keeping with our rigorous commitment to Orthodox Christian traditions, Istok Church Supplies presents a wide variety of budget friendly and ornate Orthodox Church tabernacles and altars that would be beautiful additions to any church.
Tabernacles in Classic Designs
The altar for the tabernacle is often shaped like a Church building and usually features a cross at the top. The Holy Mysteries are normally placed in a small drawer that can be locked to prevent unauthorized removal. They are taken out for liturgical services and events such as the Holy Communion. Tabernacle altars can be made from various materials including high quality brass and wood. Our wooden tabernacles for sale have been hand crafted by master craftsmen who have deep understanding of traditional tabernacle styles. They are a good option for our budget conscious customers. 
Myriad Options to Choose From
Istok Church Supplies has a vast selection of tabernacles including portable tabernacles and glass encased tabernacle altars for added protection against dust and weather elements. Light weight yet sturdy, our portable tabernacles are perfect for travels. 
We understand the need for budgetary considerations and hence offer these devotional items to suit a wide variety of budgets. If money is not a constraint, we have a selection of exquisite and ornate tabernacles in time honored traditional styles. While celebrating traditional styles, they are durable and designed for longevity. Gold gilding, silver gilding, nickel gilding, enamel work provide stunning decoration effects.   They can be seen as one time investments that provide returns for many years. Each item comes with a description and a close up picture to help customers make the right choice. Customers have the freedom to shop any time they want since our online store is open 24x7.


Vine case for portable tabernacle Tabernacle (portable) - no.4 Tabernacle (portable) - no.4a
SKU: VA-168
SKU: SI-075-0224
SKU: SI-076-0254
Our price: US$39.90 (CAD$55.06)
Market price: US$60.00 , save 34%

Our price: US$116.99 (CAD$161.45)
Market price: US$160.00 , save 27%

Our price: US$172.99 (CAD$238.73)
Market price: US$230.00 , save 25%

Tabernacle (portable) - 2 Tabernacle (portable) - no.5a Tabernacle (portable) - no.5c
SKU: SI-074-0427
SKU: SI-213-0072
SKU: SI-217-0075
Our price: US$300.99 (CAD$415.37)
Market price: US$400.00 , save 25%

Our price: US$314.99 (CAD$434.69)
Market price: US$420.00 , save 25%

Our price: US$318.99 (CAD$440.21)
Market price: US$430.00 , save 26%

Christian Tabernacle no.4 Tabernacle (portable) - no.5 Christian Tabernacle no.2
SKU: SI-211-0071
Our price: US$404.99 (CAD$558.89)
Market price: US$540.00 , save 25%

Our price: US$494.99 (CAD$683.09)
Market price: US$660.00 , save 25%

Our price: US$516.99 (CAD$713.45)
Market price: US$690.00 , save 25%

Tabernacle (portable) - no.5b Orthodox tabernacles: Tabernacle - 19 Tabernacle - 22
SKU: SI-214-0074
SKU: TA-019-0096
SKU: TAZ-058
Our price: US$540.99 (CAD$746.57)
Market price: US$720.00 , save 25%

Our price: US$769.99 (CAD$1062.59)
Market price: US$1020.00 , save 25%

Our price: US$818.99 (CAD$1130.21)
Market price: US$1090.00 , save 25%