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 Presenting Orthodox Vigil Lamps from Istok

The lighting of lamp and candle holds a huge significance in the Orthodox traditions. Burning the Orthodox Paschal lamps in the presence of an icon is a way to venerate a Saint for whom the lamp is being lit. The flame has a special meaning, in that it represents the Christ himself giving light to the world. Vigil lamps are common both in the church and within homes and Istok Church Supplies offer a stunning variety of them. Before lighting a lamp, a small prayer is offered and the sign of the cross is made over the lamp.
The Purpose of the Vigil Lamp
Although wax candles too are used to venerate an icon, votive glasses for vigil lamps are also a traditional way to do so. It has been written, that olive oil is to be used to light the wick. Burning the wick in pure oil of pressed olives holds significance and denotes the physical use of time and the effort taken to light the lamp and offer prayers. The glass used in this process has to be a good quality one which can take the heat without any damage and Istok presents only the best ones on our website.
What Istok Offers
Istok has a beautiful selection of hanging and table vigil lamps for sale for church uses and within a home. Table lamps are stationary and can be kept on a stable surface while hanging lamps will ensure the flame is away from any flammable substances and in no danger of being knocked over. Stunningly designed red, blue and white glasses with vigil lamp corbels in gilded designs attract the eyes to the icon case. Orthodox wall lamps can be used if a hanging lamp is not feasible. At Istok, we offer a wide variety of designs to be chosen based on your needs.

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