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Rayon brocades

Istok Church Supplies offers stunning, manmade rayon brocades that can be bought by the meter. As with all our liturgical fabrics, we pay close attention to details and competent workmanship so customers can purchase top quality rayon brocades worthy of use in any Orthodox Christian church sanctuary.
Rich Fabrics with Intricate Patterns
Orthodox Christian church interiors are visually splendorous and our rayon brocades are designed to enhance the beauty and function of these sacred spaces. These fabrics are a convenient option for customers looking for high quality at affordable prices. Elegant symbols and patterns are skillfully woven into the fabric and customers can purchase according to their taste preferences and budgets. The patterns are so executed that they are visible and prominent, even in dim lighting. 
Beautiful, Long Lasting Brocade
We choose our suppliers with great care. We prefer working with suppliers who understand the importance of these materials in Orthodox Christian traditions, who have great concern for quality and who are able to accommodate intricate details in a seamless manner. We aim to provide durable, long lasting liturgical vestment rayon brocades that would grace churches for years to come. Our brocades made from manmade silk are available in a wide variety of appropriate color combinations such as black-gold, blue-gold, black-silver, blue-silver, claret-gold, green, red, violet-gold, violet-silver, white-gold, white-silver and yellow-gold. 
Myriad Uses of Rayon Brocade
From altar vestments to clergy liturgical vestments, our rayon brocades are suitable for a broad range of uses. With their majestic and magnificent appearance, these fabrics are worthy of use during all important Church functions and Divine Services. Our ordering process is easy - customers can purchase as many meters as they require, simply by selecting a number in the box for quantity. With no applicable taxes to any orders and our marked down prices, our brocades are a great bargain for customers desiring value for money. 
Browse through our extensive collection and we’re confident you’ll find a fabric that complements the design of your Church. 













Yellow-gold with claret