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Other vestments

At Istok Church Supplies, we strive to offer every type of custom vestment required by Orthodox Christian communities around the world today. In this collection, you will find high quality, reasonably priced miscellaneous vestment articles such as kosovorotkas, clergy shirts, clergy waistcoats, lectern covers and priest sticharions among others in a variety of designs and fabrics. 
Russian Style Kosovorotkas
We offer finely stitched Russian style kosovorotkas for adults and children. Children’s kosovorotkas are available in standard US and European sizes and customers can select the fabric, color and sleeve type from given list of options. Customers also have the option to add embroidery and edge piping to their order. Adult kosovorotkas are available in both standard sizes and custom sizes - experienced tailors at our European workshop take great care to ensure the garment is constructed with strong stitching details to ensure durability and value. 
Clergy Apparel Items
Customers can also find standard size as well as custom made clergy waistcoats and collar shirts in this collection. Apart from these, we offer fairly priced, made-to-measure priest sticharions (podriznik) with quick worldwide shipping. Customers can select from a range of colors including white, blue and red and also select from a variety of fabrics such as cotton, rayon, crepe-satin, linen, man-made silk kashibo and natural silk. Priest sticharions are offered in an array of attractive embroidery designs such as cornflowers, lily, forget-me-not, poppy, chrysanthemum located at the bottom and many other. 
Miscellaneous Church Items
The Podsakkosnik available for purchase in this collection are truly worth the price and these too come with attractive embroidery details at the bottom. If you’re looking for a traditional Orthodox Christian monastic paraman set, an apron for Holy Table consecration or a lavishly embroidered palitsa you will find it here in this collection. Last but not the least, on offer are beautiful lectern covers in a variety of church fabrics and ecclesiastical color combinations. 
We are always upgrading our collection, so keep coming back to check out the latest additions!


Child kosovorotka Clergy shirt Kosovorotka
SKU: VE-993
SKU: VE-992-S
SKU: VE-991-S
Our price: US$29.99 (CAD$40.49)

Our price: US$35.99 (CAD$48.59)
Market price: US$50.00 , save 28%

Our price: US$35.99 (CAD$48.59)
Market price: US$50.00 , save 28%

Clergy shirt (custom-made) Kosovorotka (custom-made) Clergy waistcoat (standard sizing)
SKU: VE-992
SKU: VE-991
SKU: VE-932-S
Our price: US$59.99 (CAD$80.99)
Market price: US$80.00 , save 25%

Our price: US$59.99 (CAD$80.99)
Market price: US$80.00 , save 25%

Our price: US$62.99 (CAD$85.04)
Market price: US$90.00 , save 30%

Lectern cover (analojnik) Apron for Holy table consecration Priest sticharion (podriznik)
SKU: VE-791
SKU: VE-790
SKU: VE-800
Our price: US$69.99 (CAD$94.49)
Market price: US$100.00 , save 30%

Our price: US$79.99 (CAD$107.99)
Market price: US$110.00 , save 27%

Our price: US$99.89 (CAD$134.85)
Market price: US$140.00 , save 29%

Clergy waistcoat (custom-made) Monastic paraman set Priest stikharion (podriznik) Poppy
SKU: VE-932
SKU: VE-996
SKU: VE-813
Our price: US$103.99 (CAD$140.39)
Market price: US$140.00 , save 26%

Our price: US$159.99 (CAD$215.99)
Market price: US$230.00 , save 30%

Our price: US$174.33 (CAD$235.35)
Market price: US$240.00 , save 27%