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Cross sets

Istok sale a wide range of excellent embroidered crosses made of original German threads. We can also fulfill custom-projects.

 Presenting Church Liturgical Vestment Embroidered Crosses from Istok 
Just as the vestments worn by the clergy help determine their position in the order, the number and size of the crosses tailored on to the vestments too have a specific purpose. These embroidered Orthodox vestments which have been worn over time are symbols of the celebration of the Lord’s service. They strengthen the liturgical rites and point to a sacred ritual taking place, whether it is being performed within the walls of the church or outside it.
The Purpose of Church Liturgical Vestment Embroidered Crosses
Vestments are always chosen with care since these will be worn during special liturgical functions and also during church processions. There is a distinct significance to each and every piece of cloth that is added to the vestment such as the alb, stole, amice or chasuble. Special designs and hand embroidered crosses are added to appropriate positions in order to emphasize significance of the proceedings or service. Every liturgical rite performed is a beautifully conceptualized process and the vestments only add to it in their own special way.
What Istok Offers
At Istok Church Supplies, we present these special kinds of clothing in the service of the Lord. Customers can choose from intricately embroidered hand crosses. These demand a certain time to be devoted to the process. Custom-made crosses add on to the incredible beauty of the vestment. However we understand that some orders need a quicker delivery. For these customers we offer superior works of art using our machine embroidered crosses. These are patterned with 100% original German thread work allowing our customers to order in bulk quickly. Such orders can also be fulfilled on custom-projects without any issues.

Hand-embroidered crosses

Machine-embroidered crosses