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Skufias clothing, which form a part of canonical attire awarded to monks, nuns and Bishops, are a mark of honor. While nuns and monks are prescribed black colored skufias, clergy can don these clothing items in various liturgical colors such as claret, gray, violet, red and purple. Istok Church Supplies has an exclusive range of high quality skufias suitable for summer and winter wear. 
Skufias for All Sects
Among the various Orthodox Church orders, there are subtle differences in skufia styles. For example, the Russian one will have a pointed top whereas a Greek skufia or ‘skufios’ as it is called, will have a flat or pleated top. Nuns wear skufias over their apostolniks which covers their head, neck and shoulders. We offer skufias in a wide variety of styles, materials and standard sizes. 
Quality Options for Nuns
Skufias for summer are made from light, breathable materials such as linen, shirt rayon, shirt cotton, cotton blend, and rayon blend. They have soft sides to minimize irritation in hot weather conditions. The nuns’ winter skufiswe offer are made from fabrics such as wool, velvet and leather to keep you warm in cold winter months. We also offer black colored, durable apolostolniks made from linen, shirt rayon or shirt cotton that can be used to cover a nun’s head. 
Cozy Winter Skufias for Monks
For monks interested in Romanian style designs, we have an interesting range of brimless skufiyas in cotton, wool, velvet and linen material. Our collection of men’s winter skufiaincludes designs with edges that offer more protection and warmth. Winter skufias for men are available in comforting materials such as velvet, wool and chamois leather. These headgear items are also available in a variety of material combinations such as chamois leather and seal skin, leather and sheepskin, or leather and astrakhan fur. 
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Apostolnik (nun's head cover) Nun's summer skufia (calotte) Nun's summer skufia - 2
SKU: VH-08
SKU: VH-03
SKU: VH-15-C
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Men's summer skufia (calotte) Greek skufia (skoufos) Nun's winter skufia (calotte)
SKU: VH-01
SKU: VH-05
SKU: VH-04
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Our price: US$46.99 (CAD$64.85)
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Men's summer skufia (calotte) - 2 Men's winter skufia (calotte) Nun's winter skufia - 2
SKU: VH-21
SKU: VH-02
SKU: VH-16-V
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Skufia from the Holy Mountain Athos - 2 Skufia from the Holy Mountain Athos Romanian skufia (Skoufos)
SKU: VH-20
SKU: VH-19
SKU: VH-12
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