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Monasticism plays an important role in the Orthodox Christian faith. Monks and nuns are highly regarded because they choose to lead lives of piety and austerity, solely dedicated to God and His work. Istok Church Supplies is proud to be of service to them by offering an extensive collection of Orthodox monastic clothing including under cassocks, outer cassocks, paramans, Great schema sets, mantles, skufias, nun’s belts and much more. 
Monastic Clothing in Prescribed Formats
Their austere garb of monks helps them cover themselves completely and live a life of dignity and purity, devoid of vanity and worldliness. Different tradition of the Orthodox Church such as the Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox and Slavonic Orthodox, to name a few, have their own distinct habit styles. Istok Church Supplies understands the subtle yet distinct differences between the different tradition and provides monastic clothing in the prescribed formats. Whether you are looking for a Greek Great Schema, Archimandrite mantle, Bishop Mantle or a Greek under cassock, you will find it in the right style.  
Choices for Nuns
Among the nun’s monastic clothing for sale, you will find Tikhvin skufias, skufias for winter and summer, paramans to cover the face, apostolniks, and nun’s waist coats in both standard sizes and custom made options. Since monks and nuns walk, eat, talk and sleep and do every other work in their habits, it is very essential that monastic clothing is of high quality and durable. We offer superior monastic clothing articles made from excellent materials and quality stitching. 
Prayer Ropes Options
Prayer ropes are an important part of a monk’s life since they help in reciting prayers and invoking God. We have a wide variety of traditional, hand braided Orthodox prayer ropes with different knot counts, Orthodox prayer ropes with natural stones and beautiful prayer bracelets with beads of different natural stones that will serve their purpose well. 
Come, browse through our collection of Orthodox monastic clothing and give us opportunity to serve your needs. We are honored you chose to shop with us. 


Orthodox prayer rope (chetki) - 10 Burial Orthodox Christian pillowcase Orthodox prayer rope (chetki) - 30
SKU: VA-110
Our price: US$9.99 (CAD$13.49)
Market price: US$1960.00 , save 99%

Our price: US$14.99 (CAD$20.24)
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Monastic slippers Orthodox prayer rope - 8 (50 knots) Broyanica Orthodox hand prayer rope (chetki) - 30 knots
SKU: VA-057
SKU: PR-01
Our price: US$19.99 (CAD$26.99)
Market price: US$30.00 , save 33%

Our price: US$19.99 (CAD$26.99)
Market price: US$30.00 , save 33%

Our price: US$23.99 (CAD$32.39)
Market price: US$40.00 , save 40%

Orthodox prayer rope set - Jasper Orthodox prayer rope (chetki) - 50 Optina rosary
SKU: VAL-3-10
SKU: VA-1151
Our price: US$24.99 (CAD$33.74)
Market price: US$65.00 , save 62%

Our price: US$27.99 (CAD$37.79)
Market price: US$220.00 , save 87%

Our price: US$29.99 (CAD$40.49)
Market price: US$60.00 , save 50%

Apostolnik (nun's head cover) Rosary - 4 (50 knots) Embroidered bookmark Pantocrator
SKU: VH-08
SKU: VA-047-50
SKU: VA-044
Our price: US$46.99 (CAD$63.44)
Market price: US$50.00 , save 6%

Our price: US$37.99 (CAD$51.29)

Our price: US$39.95 (CAD$53.93)
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