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Holy Tables

"Altar" has a meaning in the Orthodox Church that varies with context. It

Presenting Holy Tables from Istok
Every piece of furniture within the church walls is chosen for its significance. The Holy tables are made commonly from wood and used for several different purposes. There are certain traditions that need to be followed to the book, in order to conduct the rites and furniture such as the memorial table or Panikhida table are used to remember those who have departed from this world as well as to light candles and place them in front of the icon.
The Purpose of Holy Tables
Church furniture is chosen after careful consideration. The pews, Altar, Holy table and the Oblation table are all a part of the aura within the church. Each item is used for its specific purpose and kept in a place designed especially for them. Just as the memorial tables are used for memorial services, the Oblation table is used to prepare the bread and wine for the liturgy. Several vital items are kept on this table including icons.
What Istok Offers
Istok Church Supplies showcase superbly crafted Holy tables in solid wood. The engravings and carvings are done by master craftsmen who visualize and create the designs that will enable every product to look unique to be inculcated as a part of the church. We also offer customized furniture so that the chosen product fits beautifully along with the rest of the furniture in the church and next to the altar. Several memorial tables on offer have place settings to hold up to 42 candles while the brass carvings bring a truly traditional feel to the whole ceremony.


Rose water Holy table nail set Wrought nail (set)
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SKU: VA-303-0019
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Wax mastic (0.22 L) Church furniture: Holy table - 3 Church furniture: Holy table - 2
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SKU: HT-023-0305
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Church furniture: Holy Table no.7 Holy table vestments no.237 Oblation table - M9-2
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Proskomedian altar table - L5 Oblation table - M1 Oblation table - M8-1
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