The garments or vestments worn by Priests, Bishops, and other clergy members have special significance in the Orthodox Church. These are very decorative and elaborate garments with special designs and embroidery, and made from rich materials with a lot of embroidery work done in gold and silver threads.
Special Significance
Orthodox Church Priests use special vestments or garments during the liturgy as it demonstrates their faith. Garments worn by Orthodox Priests come with liturgical vestment tassels and of different sizes and designs. These tassels are made from different threads, usually gold, silver, silk, and brocade and may have beautiful symbolic designs in embroidery. Orthodox Church Priests and Bishops of the Western and Eastern sections have vestments that have decorations that may contain elaborately designed metallic buttons, galloons, medallions, trim cords, and tassels.
Metallic Threads
Beautiful tassels along with trim cords are made from gold thread or fabric which adds its own grandeur to the vestment. Istok Church Supplies are a Calgary-based company that prides itself in being one of the foremost suppliers of religious products for Orthodox Priests and Bishops ranging from vestments to other items needed for a functioning church. Among their many products on offer, Istok also supplies church banner tassels which provides a glamour component to the banner; these may be with or without fringes.
Knotted Fringe
Some of the banners or curtains are used to cover the sanctuary, and are opened by pulling on braided cords of gold or silver colours. One advantage of placing orders with Istok Church Supplies is that they have a huge stock of supplies from all over the world at exceptional prices. Catering to the Orthodox Churches of East and West, they have elaborate Orthodox Church tassels which comes from the Greek word tzitzit and consists of knotted fringes or tassels.


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Tassel - 124

Tassel no.1958

Tassel no.1948/49

SKU: VI-124
SKU: VI-1958
SKU: VI-19481
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Tassel Fancy

Tassel no.1963

Tassel Ball

SKU: VI-121
SKU: VI-1963
SKU: VI-1961
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Tassel Middle simple

Tassel Middle

Tassel - 5

SKU: VI-120
SKU: VI-1952
SKU: VI-116
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Tassel Ball medium

Tassel no.A1953

Tassel no.1956

SKU: VI-1955
SKU: VI-1953
SKU: VI-1956
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