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Deacon Vestments (Violet-Gold)

Istok Church Supplies is a leading online provider of high quality Orthodox Christian Deacon vestments (violet-gold). Using best ecclesiastical fabrics, traditional designs and the services of experienced liturgical tailors, we offer quality vestments at affordable prices so Deacons can carry out their important functions of leading prayers and serving the community with dignity and authority. 
Importance of Deacon Vestments
In Orthodox Christian hierarchy, a Deacon provides assistance to the presiding priest or bishop and helps in celebrating the Mysteries of the Church and leads people in collective prayer. Prescribed vestments for a Deacon include a wide-sleeved sticharion, an orarion and epimanika. Our Deacon vestments (violet-gold) include all three articles in the correct design. We offer a wide variety of fabrics for these vestments including elegant rayon brocades, rich metallic brocades and sumptuous natural German velvet. Brocades are classified in various classes and customers can opt for a different fabric in the same class by making a note during checkout process. 
Guaranteed to Last
We pay close attention to minor and major details to increase user comfort and longevity of these vestments. Deacon vestments have natural rayon lining and customers can add natural velvet inserts to their individual order. Decorations are classified in three types – standard, premier and luxury. For standard style, we provide inexpensive galloon and simple crosses free of cost. For premier style, we include high quality galloon and embroidered crosses at an additional cost. For luxury style, we provide solid jacquard galloons and hand-embroidered crosses at an additional cost. 
Perfectly Fitting Vestments
Our Deacon vestments (violet-gold) are personalized as per your individual measurements. Construction starts after we receive your order and it takes us a few weeks for completing an individual order. We request your patience, cooperation and early order placement for best results. We ship internationally including to America, Europe and Australia. We also offer express delivery services at an additional cost. 
We are proud to serve the needs of Orthodox Christian communities all over the world - we will be delighted to receive your order. Happy browsing!


Deacon vestments - rayon brocade S2 (violet-gold) Deacon vestments - rayon brocade S3 (violet-gold) Deacon vestments - rayon brocade S4 (violet-gold)
SKU: VE-200S2-PG
SKU: VE-200S3-PG
SKU: VE-200S4-PG
Our price: US$374.99 (CAD$517.49)
Market price: US$500.00 , save 25%

Our price: US$382.99 (CAD$528.53)
Market price: US$510.00 , save 25%

Our price: US$396.99 (CAD$547.85)
Market price: US$530.00 , save 25%

Deacon vestments - metallic brocade B (violet-gold) Deacon vestments - metallic brocade BG1 (violet-gold) Deacon vestments - natural German velvet (violet-gold)
SKU: VE-200B1-PG
Our price: US$476.99 (CAD$658.25)
Market price: US$630.00 , save 24%

Our price: US$531.99 (CAD$734.15)
Market price: US$710.00 , save 25%

Our price: US$564.99 (CAD$779.69)
Market price: US$750.00 , save 25%

Deacon vestments - metallic brocade BG2 (violet-gold) Deacon vestments - metallic brocade BG3 (violet-gold) Deacon vestments - metallic brocade BG4 (violet-gold)
Our price: US$599.99 (CAD$827.99)
Market price: US$800.00 , save 25%

Our price: US$697.99 (CAD$963.23)
Market price: US$930.00 , save 25%

Our price: US$845.99 (CAD$1167.47)
Market price: US$1120.00 , save 24%

Deacon vestments - metallic brocade BG5 (violet-gold) Deacon vestments - metallic brocade BG6 (violet-gold) Embroidered Deacon vestments - Chrysanthemum (violet-gold)
SKU: VE-203-PG
Our price: US$1165.99 (CAD$1609.07)
Market price: US$1540.00 , save 24%

Our price: US$1457.99 (CAD$2012.03)
Market price: US$1930.00 , save 24%

Our price: US$1576.99 (CAD$2176.25)
Market price: US$2090.00 , save 25%