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Epitrachelion Sets (Violet-Gold)

Among all Orthodox Christian liturgical vestment items, the epitrachelion or stole is probably the most recognized and common one. With origins in the 4th century, this clothing article is mandatory for Priests while conducting any Divine Service. Now you can purchase one-of-a-kind epitrachelion sets (Violet-Gold) from the world’s leading online supplier, Istok Church Supplies.
Gorgeous Liturgical Fabrics
Istok has been supplying custom-tailored vestments for many years now and understands the requirements of discerning quality. All our epitrachelion sets (Violet-Gold) are made with solid construction and excellent attention to detail to ensure highest quality results. A set consists of two items – the epitralhilion and the epimanika (cuffs). We offer these sets in two fabric options – metallic brocade and rayon brocade. Each vestment features beautiful embroidered motifs with nature and Christian-inspired themes. 
Beautiful Decoration Options
To add beauty to the vestment, we provide high quality decoration in the form of embroidered crosses and galloons. Customers can opt for the standard premium style or go for the upscale luxury style to express their faith and devotion. We also provide natural rayon lining for the epitrachelion sets to ensure they hang straight without any warping. Adding lining also enhances wearer comfort and increases the longevity of the vestment. The epitrachelion sets (Violet-Gold) we carry are particularly suitable for services held during the Lenten period and those commemorating the Cross of Our Lord. 
Made-to-Measure Services
To make a liturgical vestment truly yours, send us your exact measurements after going through our online measurement chart. Our devout and professional tailors in Europe will create a perfectly fitting vestment in the proper traditional style. Since each order is made by hand, we require a few weeks for order completion – we are confident our customers will agree that the final products are well worth the wait. We believe very Orthodox Christian Priest deserves a magnificent epitrachelion to bring out his best during service. 
Select from the most comprehensive collection of epitrachelion sets anywhere in the world!


Clergy vestments: Epitrakhilion set BG2 Epitrakhilion set - rayon brocade S2 (violet-gold) Epitrakhilion set - rayon brocade S3 (violet-gold)
SKU: VE-125
SKU: VE-150S2-PG
SKU: VE-150S3-PG
Our price: US$218.89 (CAD$302.07)
Market price: US$290.00 , save 25%

Our price: US$236.99 (CAD$327.05)
Market price: US$320.00 , save 26%

Our price: US$248.99 (CAD$343.61)
Market price: US$330.00 , save 25%

Epitrakhilion set - rayon brocade S4 (violet-gold) Epitrakhilion set - metallic brocade B (violet-gold) Epitrakhilion set - natural German velvet (violet-gold)
SKU: VE-150S4-PG
SKU: VE-150B1-PG
Our price: US$273.99 (CAD$378.11)
Market price: US$370.00 , save 26%

Our price: US$293.99 (CAD$405.71)
Market price: US$390.00 , save 25%

Our price: US$310.99 (CAD$429.17)
Market price: US$420.00 , save 26%

Epitrakhilion set - metallic brocade BG1 (violet-gold) Epitrakhilion set - metallic brocade BG2 (violet-gold) Epitrakhilion set - metallic brocade BG3 (violet-gold)
Our price: US$349.99 (CAD$482.99)
Market price: US$470.00 , save 26%

Our price: US$384.99 (CAD$531.29)
Market price: US$510.00 , save 25%

Our price: US$445.99 (CAD$615.47)
Market price: US$590.00 , save 24%

Epitrakhilion set - metallic brocade BG4 (violet-gold) Embroidered Epitrakhilion set - Byzantine Eagle (violet-gold) Embroidered Epitrakhilion set - Chrysanthemum (violet-gold)
SKU: VE-154-PG
SKU: VE-153-PG
Our price: US$512.99 (CAD$707.93)
Market price: US$680.00 , save 25%

Our price: US$573.99 (CAD$792.11)
Market price: US$760.00 , save 24%

Our price: US$573.99 (CAD$792.11)
Market price: US$760.00 , save 24%